Friday, 8 May 2009

Style Challenge

I've been tagged by Anastasia with the 'Style Challenge,' to pick one image that describes my style. I'm finding it hard to find just one image as I'm a fan of a few different styles. I have to say though that I'm a fan of white interiors with pretty items. Here's a few rooms that I adore.

I would love to have on of those claw feet bathtubs. A definite future investment. 

Image from Wehearit (via Twins Garden)

I find white interiors so relaxing and peaceful. I like it when mixed with neutral colours. 

Image from Lily G

This looks like the perfect place to sit and read or write. I would love to have a little nook in the future.

Now for the tagging....
Miss Laura - I love this girl! Jason and I went over to her house for dinner at the beginning of the week and it was perfect. She's such a great cook, hostess and their place is lovely and their interiors are beautiful! They are such sweet newlyweds!

And because what's a post without me mentioning something wedding related, I made a tentative booking at Victoria Park. This is for the ceremony and the reception. Anyone from Brisbane knows everyone gets married here but I can see why and it got way too frustrating looking for places. Anyway, we are looking at 24th January 2010, which is only about 9 months away but we can do it. We also met up with Sharon our photographer (pretty much know we are having her - thanks Laura!) and she's lovely. 

Image from Victoria park

This will most likely be the room we are hoping for called the Marble Bar. Actually this room is the ballroom but we're not taking the whole room. And the ceremony will take place in the Garden Marquee. So happy to finally have a pretty definite place. I only placed a tentative booking so it doesn't get booked out while we decide. 

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Andhari said...

I like the second picture, it described my kind of bedroom perfectly with all the sophisticated colors and arrangements. I love bedrooms like that :)

Miss Laura said...

Oh Victoria Park looks a dream, its so stunningly beautiful, wow!!! The decorations are so enchanting, and the chandelier!!! OH I love... but I understand your hesitation, when you know, you will know.

LOVE white on white, so fresh, clean, classic, smart, crisp... so many words to describe it. I can't wait to see your future house, its is going to be amaaaazing. Ps did I get you white or black frames for your birthday, hopefully white, lol, but black is classic too. I couldn't remember because I didn't open the box.

Ps Thanks for your beautiful comments


Anastasia said...

oh wow - gorgeous images! love the first one...yes, id be happy in that room!
So good to hear you're close to booking your reception room, looks beautiful!!

paula said...

love your room picks, so soothing. That reception room is gorgeous!

Yelena said...

thanks for the tag first of all. i will definitely do it when i find a picture to define my style. {eek! so hard!} lol.

i loveed the photos you chose. i think mine will be very similar. :]

megan and melissa said...

Thanks for both the tags...I promise we are going to get to them soon. We have been so busy trying to get everything ready for our trip tomorrow that we haven't had much time for blogging. Congratulations on getting a venue..That is an exciting first step!

Shelagh G said...

That is a beautiful post full of classic inspiration, you are quiet the designer.

Christina Re has been a big inspiration for me in all kinds of lovely colours, so much that we stocked to whole range in our litte shop by the sea.

Good luck with all your planning.

Unknown said...

Those look like the most lovely places to nap or read or daydream~~ a perfect little cozy escape! -e

Anonymous said...