Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Outgoing Mail Love

I have caught up with all my mail! I have a few post card swaps going on too which I will share next time. Here are a few sneak peaks with what is being mailed out. 


I know that Megan has received this so I thought I would show it. Letter and a tiny star with the initial M.

My last letter to Micaela. The bow is from Erica's etsy shop Sweets and Hearts. And the book post card is from The Little Fox one of my fave Etsy shops. 

This is for Claire. Though I will be sending her out a book too. 

This is for Ruth. 

This is for Belen :) 

For Alicia

And I won't say who these are for :) So it will be a surprise when they receive it. From The Little Fox etsy shop. 

I do have a question though, I show 'sneak peaks' of the letters because I'm not sure if my pen pals want to see what I'm sending. So if you don't mind seeing before receiving, let me know and I will show a full photo for your particular letter. 

Another thought, I was thinking of doing a little swap (nothing big because they are too stressful and half the time partners bail) maybe something simple like a letter and a post card swap? Or like the post card swaps I'm participating in now - a Scavenger Hunt post card swap or write your memoir in 6 words post card? Let me know if you're interested at all. 

Have a great rest of week.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Incoming Mail love

I haven't done incoming mail for quite awhile now. Some of these are from a few months ago (eep) and I might have forgotten some. So sorry if I have :(

Incoming Mail

For Christmas from my big sis Kary :) A butterfly clip and bead bracelets. 

The lovely Anastasia sent me lots of pretty things for creative projects.

A little close up - stamps, rhinestones, paper etc.

A Christmas gift from sweet Megan. A Keep Calm and Carry On tea towel. 

Some pretty tape, a lovely pen and sweet hair pins. 

A lovely Christmas gift from Jasmine - stickers, butterflies, a pencil case and a calender. 

The pencil case is double sided. 

The pretty Polaroid calender.

Butterflies, flowers, cameras :) 

A Christmas gift from Alicia. A pen pal I've had for several years now :) A gorgeous note book and butterfly. 

This was sent to me by Alyssa. It's a coke bottle filled with a letters, beads, sequins and a friendship bracelet. I love that she was able to send a coke bottle in the mail!!

From beautiful Micaela. A lovely lip gloss :) 

And of course the birthday dress Micaela sent me. A picture of me wearing it here

One of Rhianne's lovely postcards from Megan

From a pen pal Ruth, a birthday card and letter.

From Monica, a thank you card and Valentine's Day card. 

A pretty card from lovely Erin

From Jane a new pen pal - Some pretties from journalling.

A birthday gift from Alyssa. In that little bag is some paper you can plant and you write your wishes and watch it bloom :) Very cute!

And she got me this gorgeous Alice In Wonderland print. 

I love this!

A letter, a little note book and tiny post it notes from Belen :) 

Claire sent me this book just because :)  

From Alicia. Yummy tea and other lovely bits. 

And this beautiful Alice In Wonderland ring from Megan for a birthday present. 

I have such wonderful blog friends/pen pals. Mail always brings a huge smile on my face. Next post will be outgoing mail.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Hangin' with Micah

So on Friday, I hung out with my sis in law Gem and baby Micah. I had a great day, talking and playing with the baby. Not that you can do much when they are this age but he and I sat on the lounge watching TV.

Wrapped up nice and snug. He looked so teeny in his movable cot. 

We took him for a walk which he enjoyed. 

Having a nap on the lounge. 

On Saturday Jason and I went to visit again because Jason's hadn't seen him yet. 

Micah is attached to his dummy and when it falls out of his mouth he lunges for it (as much as a baby can lunge) when you hold it in front of his mouth. 

No one is looking forward to taking it away from him when he's a little older. I simply adore the little fella! I love all my sweet nephews.

Have a lovely week! And don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Katniss is Cast

So I have been checking for news for The Hunger Games movie for awhile now and was happy to find out that Jennifer Lawrence has been cast as Katniss. 

I first heard of her when she was nominated for an Oscar for Winter's Bone. And there was the rumour that she was the front runner for the role so I looked her up.

And I have to get this out. I know there have been so many haters as to how she looks (blonde and blue eyed and too 'old'). As opposed to Katniss who is supposed to have dark hair, grey eyes and olive toned skin. Plus she's meant to be small and only 16. 

But, I trust Gary Ross the director and Suzanne Collins herself was at each audition and she completely praises Jennifer. She herself said she would rather someone a little older than someone too young (she has to incite a rebellion after all) I much rather have someone who doesn't quite have the looks but can carry the character instead of someone who looks like her but only a so so actress. 

Plus characters and stories from book to screen is different. You can't always follow a book exactly. I haven't seen Winter's Bone yet but from the trailer she has a very Katniss attitude and the accent for it. I think she will be brilliant!

Anyway, sorry this was a ranty post and I know everyone has their own opinion so that is just mine :) I mean no offense to anyway who thinks differently.

Via Tumblr

A mock movie poster. 

Via Tumblr

This was made by the same person (that's why the same pic was used). Hunter Parrish as Peeta. (I think he has a very 'Peeta' look about him)

Via Tumblr

And I just think this is great. I love that Mockingjay. 

Well, let me know what you think? (If you care of course haaa) I cannot wait to hear more about the movie and seeing who else they cast.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

A Giveaway!

Hey loves! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I have a giveaway for you from Kary's mum! She has opened up a little Etsy store called Ninfa Designs selling sweet accessories like earrings and headbands.

So to help her out, Kary asked if I could giveaway some items on here :)

This is the Graciebellabutterfly headband! (It's sweet that I'm named after something and it's butterfly themed)

And these are called Triangle earrings :) 

Sweet and simple.

Kary is a lovely, lovely person and she's like an older sister to me. Come and enter this giveaway to win some sweet pieces.

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Giveaway closes Monday 4th April. Closed

Thanks lovelies! It would be much appreciated if you would enter and help support Kary's mum's new shop!