Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Incoming Mail love

I haven't done incoming mail for quite awhile now. Some of these are from a few months ago (eep) and I might have forgotten some. So sorry if I have :(

Incoming Mail

For Christmas from my big sis Kary :) A butterfly clip and bead bracelets. 

The lovely Anastasia sent me lots of pretty things for creative projects.

A little close up - stamps, rhinestones, paper etc.

A Christmas gift from sweet Megan. A Keep Calm and Carry On tea towel. 

Some pretty tape, a lovely pen and sweet hair pins. 

A lovely Christmas gift from Jasmine - stickers, butterflies, a pencil case and a calender. 

The pencil case is double sided. 

The pretty Polaroid calender.

Butterflies, flowers, cameras :) 

A Christmas gift from Alicia. A pen pal I've had for several years now :) A gorgeous note book and butterfly. 

This was sent to me by Alyssa. It's a coke bottle filled with a letters, beads, sequins and a friendship bracelet. I love that she was able to send a coke bottle in the mail!!

From beautiful Micaela. A lovely lip gloss :) 

And of course the birthday dress Micaela sent me. A picture of me wearing it here

One of Rhianne's lovely postcards from Megan

From a pen pal Ruth, a birthday card and letter.

From Monica, a thank you card and Valentine's Day card. 

A pretty card from lovely Erin

From Jane a new pen pal - Some pretties from journalling.

A birthday gift from Alyssa. In that little bag is some paper you can plant and you write your wishes and watch it bloom :) Very cute!

And she got me this gorgeous Alice In Wonderland print. 

I love this!

A letter, a little note book and tiny post it notes from Belen :) 

Claire sent me this book just because :)  

From Alicia. Yummy tea and other lovely bits. 

And this beautiful Alice In Wonderland ring from Megan for a birthday present. 

I have such wonderful blog friends/pen pals. Mail always brings a huge smile on my face. Next post will be outgoing mail.


Rhianne said...

yeay, I love seeing that my postcards are being sent around the world :)

I love that Alyssa sent you a coke bottle too lol

Jacqueline Roy said...

I absolutely love this mail post. I love seeing what others get for mail. It seems you've gotten some lovely things. :) Jacqueline

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Wow, you've received some amazing mail lately! I love snail mail!

x Jasmine

Tina said...

this is so neat, you have some wonderful friends and pen pals :)
all i get in the mail is boring old letters!

Claire said...

aw look i'm on there :) i'm jealous of your mail box!!
And yes please for The hunger Games! :)x

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh my goodness!! i loved this - so much fun mail, gracie!!

Alyssa said...

you always get such beautiful mail :)

Brooke T said...

WOW! You got TONS of good stuff :) I love that bracelet in the first one :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

WOW! That's a lot of love in the mail! And hey, two more letters are on their way from me...

~April~ said...

Oh, I love all the Alice stuff you got! So cute!! :)

Was the coke bottle used as the packaging, or was it sent in a box? I mailed a gift in a Wheat Thins box once, but I never thought to use a coke bottle... Fun!

Lisa said...

aww such pretty things x

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Aww you are so lucky to get so much mail. I love getting mail but your parcels and letters look so much fun!

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Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Micaela said...

i was just thinking that all your friends know your style and taste and it just makes me smile! i LOVED seeing the dress i got you on you! it's PERFECT! i had to show my husband ;) you are the cutest ever!!! really, if i could have any shape, it would be yours :)


coke bottle? genius and fun, so alyssa!!!


happy mail is my favorite!!!

Sierra said...

oh my goodness i love how creative every one is. i am in snail mail heaven!!