Monday, 28 February 2011


Hello lovelies! I have some photos from the party taken by my beautiful and talented friend Laura. Here they are.

One of my faves.

My little 'photobooth' 

I thought this shot was beautiful! 

We are both wearing tiny hats :) Me with Layla-Rose.

Layla-rose and her mummy. A better close up of her cute little hat headband I put together for her. 

The yummy cupcakes that Jasmine made. 

My pretty spoon that Laura gave me. 


Lovely Jasmine :) 

An old Alice in Wonderland book that Laura also gave me as part of my gift. 

Me with my beautiful Laura. And pretty heart balloon she also gave me. 

Some of my decorations I made. 

One of the signs I had on the table. 

Me and Jason 

And I still have the photos from our fun with the photo booth when I get the cord for the camera. It was such a wonderful day. I have the sweetest, most beautiful friends. I received a lot of thoughtful gifts which I will post about another time. 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday sneak peak

Hey lovelies I hope your weekend has been great! I had been busy with my party plans. It was wonderful by the way.

That's an Instax from the day. I can't upload any photos yet because a borrowed a DSLR camera from my brother in law and he forgot to bring the cord for downloading photos. So hopefully sometime soon I can share photos from the day. 

That was just a few of us at the end having fun posing. On the very left of the photo is Jasmine from Lavender's Green. This is the second time we have met up :) I love that a blog friend has become a real life friend too. 

I will be back with more photos and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Six Confessions

Via Tumblr

I saw this via Nicole's blog and thought I would do this too. Here are six confessions :) (of a sort)

1. I'm a memory hoarder. I keep all notes, cards, letters and other little bits. I store them in boxes or stick them in my journals.

2. When I was in year 8 a few friends and I had a crush on this guy in year 12 . I wrote him a note (from us) and gave it to him in front of his friends on their graduation day.

3. I used to talk to myself a lot when I was a child. I was a dreamer and thought out loud a lot. I guess that's why I turned to journalling later on in life.

4. My first celebrity crush (that I remember) is Hanson. I loved them so much in year 7 (I was 12) that I wrote an assignment on them in one of my exams.

5. I've been on and off with my body image for as long as I can remember. I spend too much time comparing myself to other girls.

6. I used to pray for thick black, straight hair when I was younger. I hated having fine dark brown wavy,  sometime frizzy hair. I used to tell my mum that I would dye it when I got older and my mum said I would learn to appreciate my hair colour when I was older. She was right.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, 21 February 2011

For a little laugh

Hey lovelies, thanks so much for all your well wishes for the job. Unfortunately I didn't get it :( But it's alright because neither did at least 30+ other girls. So I'm in good company. 

I just had to show this little video of my nephew Caeleb. He's playing with Jason's iPhone. I know what he says sounds a little funny coming from this 6 year old's mouth (he was nearly 6 in the video, we went to my parents house for an early celebration for his birthday last week).

And don't mind my laugh. I burst out laughing and since I was filming it came out a little loud. He was explaining this game that he was playing called Doodle Jump. It's a cute little video and he's wearing his MasterChef apron and hat he got as part of his birthday present. He likes to cook :) Oh and that that noise you hear at the beginning that's just Caeleb. 

So enjoy this Monday morning. 

Friday, 18 February 2011

Job interview...

Hey lovely people. I had a group job interview yesterday. I think it was alright but because there were so many of us going for the one position, I'm not really sure how it went.

It's for a company called Lorna Jane, an active wear/sportswear for women. It's a local brand with the designer living in Brisbane. I went for a reception/office person position at the head office. It's a really popular brand here and I guess that's why so many girls really want to work there.

You get to wear the clothes to work (in an office!) and it looks like a fantastic place. What I love about the company is it's all about empowering women and inspiring them to live healthy fulfilled lives. What I also love is how they are involved in the community and have an initiative called Swap Shop, where you can bring in old exercise gear which they will donate to charity then give you some store credit towards your next purchase.

A company that helps women and gets involved with the community is a place I would like to work. Plus their clothes really are comfy.

I bought this top to wear at my interview and because I wasn't sure if they wanted us to be semi corporate I wore a black skirt and black ballet flats. (We were supposed to wear something that had our personality but with the Lorna Jane image so some girls were dressed sporty others like me half sporty, half office).

I bought these pants too with the intention of wearing them to the interview but freaked out and thought I had to wear something more office. 

I would love to get these cropped pants if I ever do that ballet class that I want to do. 

Even if I don't get the job, it was an experience and it made me appreciate the clothes and company even more. 

What's your favourite work out gear to wear? 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day. We had a laid back night and had some yummy gourmet pizza. And since we are one of those cheesy couples Jason bought me roses and a helium heart balloon (yesss!) and I set up a romantic night for him :p

There was a year that Jason created a personalised stamp for me! I absolutely loved it (You may have gotten letters from me with that stamp).

Anyway, onto the photos...

I set up the dinner table so we could actually eat there for once. I made a child like Valentine :) 

I tried baking some Jam Drop Biscuits. But I guess I didn't spend enough time with the dough so it split. Oh well they still taste good. 

My roses from Jason sitting as a centre piece. 

The poor roses couldn't take the heat of the candles (I wasn't thinking) My pretty crystal wine glass I got as a 21st gift. 

I was trying to cover my front because I was in PJ's (we had a laid back dinner). 

And my helium filled heart balloon ;) 

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! 

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Love Day!

One of my instax pics from yesterday.

I know that Valentine's Day can be very commercialised and cheesy but I just embrace it as a day to show even more love than usual. 

I've never hated the day even back in high school when you would see all these girls carrying around their bouquet of flowers and snuggling up with their 'boyfriend.' My friends and I would send each other flowers each year and that always made us feel great (there was a time one of my friends came to my homeroom class to deliver a 'secret admirer ' gift and we thought it was hilarious because I know it was from her. But the people in my class were swooning because of all the 'mystery'). 

My new gallery with hearts. 

And when we travelled back home on the train after school we felt a little smug holding our flowers while the kids from the other schools got on the train (there are many many stories from our train rides home - maybe I will share a few one day). 

So even if you have no significant other, make some heart wands and take fun photos. I guarantee that you will have fun!

My fake polaroid pics. I had fun with my handmade heart wands. 

Do you enjoy the day or hate it?? 


Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy list with pictures

Hey lovelies. I thought it would be great way to end the working week with a happy list/things inspiring me/things I've loving lately... Plus I love a good list, it helps me think. And I thought I would add images that I think are pretty in between (and probably have nothing to do with my list)

♥ helium filled heart shaped balloons (would love some forValentine's Day)

Via Tumblr

♥ unexpected letters

Via Tumblr

♥ finding a cute new shop (especially if it sells paper and other quirky items)

♥ tutus (I'm thinking of making my own - found a tutorial for a simple one)

♥ figuring out how to make different fabric flowers

Via Tumblr

♥ heart shaped anything at the moment

Via Tumblr

♥ figuring out and planning my creative space (can't decide whether I want a few shelves on the wall or turn it into a gallery wall of inspiration)

♥ Arnotts Choc mint slice biscuits

Via Etsy

♥ bunny ear headbands

♥ looking at inspirational spaces

♥ paper garlands (with tissue paper flowers and paper heart doilies - thinking of having this for my Alice birthday as part of 'wonderland')

♥ pretty 'wish' bracelets

♥ putting together pretty packages

♥ creating a stationery drawer

Via Tumblr

♥ mis matched teacups and saucers

These thoughts, plans and lists are keeping me quite busy. I would like to go looking for mis matched tea  cups this weekend, go to the Planetarium or go on an adventure around my city and explore.

What would you like to do differently this weekend?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!