Monday, 21 February 2011

For a little laugh

Hey lovelies, thanks so much for all your well wishes for the job. Unfortunately I didn't get it :( But it's alright because neither did at least 30+ other girls. So I'm in good company. 

I just had to show this little video of my nephew Caeleb. He's playing with Jason's iPhone. I know what he says sounds a little funny coming from this 6 year old's mouth (he was nearly 6 in the video, we went to my parents house for an early celebration for his birthday last week).

And don't mind my laugh. I burst out laughing and since I was filming it came out a little loud. He was explaining this game that he was playing called Doodle Jump. It's a cute little video and he's wearing his MasterChef apron and hat he got as part of his birthday present. He likes to cook :) Oh and that that noise you hear at the beginning that's just Caeleb. 

So enjoy this Monday morning. 


Unknown said...

That is so cute, and I love your laugh!

Sorry to hear about the job, just means your meant for another (better?) job!

Lucent Imagery said...

I don't watch Masterchef, or that many tv shows, but I do love that shows like this are going to breed a new generation of people who want to get in the kitchen and cook rather than buy take away! Fingers crossed for the right job to come your way soon.

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Sorry to hear about the job :( Oh well, that just means a better job is coming your way soon!

That video is hilarious! Kids really do say the most hilarious things some time.

Sandy a la Mode said...

hahahaha that is adorable!!! i love your laugh!! :)

Alyssa said...

sorry to hear about the job :(
at least you now have a cute work out top :)

gosh 6 year olds are wise!! hahah he is adorable! I always wondered why it was called doodle jump, now the mystery is solved lol

Claire said...

Ah shame about the job. Next time eh? Cute video!!

k said...

aw I love your attitude about the 30+ girls...that def makes it better!! you'll find a better one :)

OneCraftyFox said...

Totally cute, and your laugh is contagious!!

And an even better job opportunity is yet to come :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Bummer. Hopefully something even better will come along!

Karina Pacheco said...

One door closes another one opens!! Your perfect job is just waiting for you :)

So cute!! Miguelito loves Doodle jump, even I like to play it - shhhh!!! Our secret - lol!!!

Ah and I loved listening to your cute laugh :)