Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Clucky cluck cluck

I'm feeling a serious case of baby fever lately. Babies are all around me and it makes me want one.

These photos are from my future nephew (Micah's) baby shower from the weekend. 

Me with Layla-Rose. One of my best friends', Liz's baby girl. (That's her mum's arm on the left).

She and I spent some time together, which I loved! (Good thing you couldn't really tell how hot and sweaty I was feeling. It was a scorcher of a day)

Wearing her little pearl bracelet that I got her for Christmas. 

Sticking her tongue out at me! Oh such fun we had. 

Seriously I get so clucky when I'm around babies. But yet again I remember that it's not the right time. Jason and I still want to do some travelling and to be honest we are still too selfish to have kids, we love our time together and I know having a baby will change that.

Although, it doesn't stop me from planning for the future children. I'm so tempted to start collecting items. But for now I will spoil the babies around me and my nephews and be glad that I have them in my life. 

And all of those who have children cherish those precious little blessings :)


Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Thankfully I am not getting all broody yet even though there have been a few babies amongst friends and family recently. I think we are too selfish too. Plus I want to be financially stable enough to look after a child well before we have one.

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I'm Sydney. said...

I babysit some beautiful little babies and children and it makes me want some one day, but then I think "nah, I'm good" when I really get to thinking about it! AND I have to get married first! It seems like you are exceptionally good with babies!

Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

Seriously! I think the baby bug is going around! I have baby envy too with my friends having their own.


krissy ♥ said...

Aww such a cute baby <3

I know, right? I've noticed a surge in celebrities having babies these days, it's amazing! :) I'm sure you'll be a great mom when the time comes Gracie! <3

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

ditto to ALL of that. i have crazy baby cravings lately... i dont see many babies in the city so when i do i am in awe and i just stare and smile like a crazy person. but i agree theres still a lot of things we want to do before babies... and that includes getting married and traveling :) xoxo jcd

Jasmine A. said...

oh, babies make me melt-- i love that you got her a pearl bracelet! such a cute idea. xo

Alely said...

that day will come soon enough! you will make a wonderful mommy!

Karina Pacheco said...

Awwwww!! What an adorable baby :)
It makes me long for my second baby :)

You look so pretty carrying Layla-Rose, and you will be a natural and sweet mommy!!!

You are a sweetheart and I can't get over how cute Layla-Rose looks with her little pearl bracelet :)

Love you

Caroline said...

I have baby fever as well :)!! XO lady!!!!

k said...

aw they are so so cute :) :) and i love the way they smell!!

Claire said...

cute, when they are some one elses haha!

Nina said...

Ha, when i see little babies, I get the baby fever as well. Although I am actually still completely busy with my almost 2 year old girl, hehe. We surely want another baby in a year or so, but for now it is not the right time. However, I guess the RIGHT time is never really there when it comes to a baby. :) It is such an amazing change of your whole life that one is never really prepared for it. :)

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Aw, she is adorable!

I get clucky from time to time, mostly when I'm with my nephew. I know my time will come soon and it's going to be so much fun!

x Jasmine

Anastasia said...

awww she's gorgeous!! i get clucky when I hold a newborn too...our friends christened their baby girl yesterday - got my baby fix whilst holding her!! she's gorgeous!