Sunday, 27 February 2011

Birthday sneak peak

Hey lovelies I hope your weekend has been great! I had been busy with my party plans. It was wonderful by the way.

That's an Instax from the day. I can't upload any photos yet because a borrowed a DSLR camera from my brother in law and he forgot to bring the cord for downloading photos. So hopefully sometime soon I can share photos from the day. 

That was just a few of us at the end having fun posing. On the very left of the photo is Jasmine from Lavender's Green. This is the second time we have met up :) I love that a blog friend has become a real life friend too. 

I will be back with more photos and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


thegirlhassparke said...

I love so so much that Jasmine was at your party! Two of my favourite blog girls. I am so disappointed that my present didn't ge to you before your party but it arrived on Friday so will post it this week. Cannot wait to see more photos from your party, I love your dress.

Tiffany Su-En said...

Looks like your party was heaps fun! Can't wait to see more pics!


OneCraftyFox said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from you bash!!

xoxo Diana

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! Can't wait to see the rest of them! :]

Cassie said...

So pleased your party went really well. It sounded such a fun theme.

Hope your weekend is a great one.

Micaela said...

i can't to see the rest and how i love that you've met a blog friend that celebrated your birthday! :) love it!! how beautiful you look.

ps. i got a most sweet email from alyssa today... ADORE YOU GIRLS!! xoxo

Lucent Imagery said...

Oooh can't wait to see the photos! So lovely too that you are Jasmine have become real life friends too.

Karina Pacheco said...

Ah what fun!!!
Can't wait to see more pics!!
You look beautiful :)

So happy to hear that you had a great time love.
Sending you an email right now :)

Love you xo

Marz said...

What a beautiful birthday girl you were! Looks like you all had such an amazing time :) Love that you celebrated with a blog friend who has turned into a real life friend - that's so special! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from you fete!

Claire said...

you all look great can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I love that photo! I need to get out my Polaroid now.

Thanks so much for inviting me :)

x Jasmine