Friday, 31 August 2007

Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

I got my haircut! Yeh! It was desperately needing one. I went shorter than I first initially wanted but when I was sitting in the hairdresser I decided to go for it =)

Sorry about the photo I used a flash so its a bit overexposed. But I needed to get a picture of my hair while it was nice and styled before I wash it and it goes funny.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of going to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival. I went with my 3 close girl friends and we had such a great time!

We went off to the Queens PLaza High Tea and fashion showing. This was all held at the Hilton. Beautiful place.

Me, Kristina, Natalia, Laura. This is at the end of High Tea with a fashion showing. Bright colours, metallics, big jewellery, short hemlines, looks like a fun summer to me!!

Some of the lovely sweet food served. And the bag on top is a cake and was a prize.

A close up of some of fave food items. I loved the heart shaped on the bottom left. It was called the Chanel white chocolate and raspberry (something?). It's a shame I don't really remember the names of each food. They did have an Audrey Hepburn cucumber square. That was good. With the cream cheese and cucumber on top. It was all very lovely.

We were all drooling over this gorgeous black sapphire Canturi ring. The lovely Laura fashioned it nicely for us.

We had a little bit of time between the high tea and the nights fashion show. So we did a bit of shopping (my feet were killing me though!) and I took a sneaky photo of them looking at things. This was in Alannah Hill. She has a gorgeous website. And I do like her stuff but it's really hard to wear it all at once as it's very girly and you look too over the top with it all on. But a pretty top worn with something more basic would be alright. Unless you can pull off the look.

Still in Alannah Hill. Laura does some fantastic photography and she always gets us to pose.

We went and had dinner at JoJo's which I usually love though I wasn't too happy with my steak. Moh. But anyway, we had the Hardy Brothers Evening wear show at night. That too was a lovely show though shorter than we expected. This is us waiting to be let in as it was general admission we wanted to be at the top of the line.

All in all it was a fantastic day and we plan on having more outings with us girls. Which we talked about after the show.

This is the little gift bag we received at the High tea. Mainly a few magazines and little bits and pieces. It was nice to get something.

This is the one we got from the Hardy Brothers show. Again it was mainly magazines and things. It's all so messy on my bed.

And the last thing I want to show it some creations of mine. I made these for my three girls and tried to personalise it as much as possible to what they would like.

This one was for Kristina. The photos aren't the greatest as I was in a hurry to leave.

This was for Laura. The necklace is a delicate butterfly style charm.

For Natalia. She's more into green. And I love the green paper here.

I will leave my post here. I have a few other things I want to show but I will do that next time. xox

Wednesday, 22 August 2007


As usual I am in the middle of an assignment but it takes me 10 times longer because I'm always looking at other things. It's also been raining yay! I just hope it keeps up.

I have a few random things I want to share. First off I'm going to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival next week. I'm
going with a few of the girls from church. It is so exciting! This will be my first major fashion parade. We are going to the QueensPlaza High Tea and Fashion Showing and the Hardy Brothers Jewellers Evening Wear Group Show. I have no idea what to wear still but I'm sure it will all work out.

Thought I would add a few photos of my little nephews. I love those two boys to bits!
Thats Isaiah on the left and Caeleb on the right. I just took random photos of them when they were in the mood for it.

This is them posing. There are quite a few of these as they wanted me to take photos of them doing different faces. Oh and Isaiah is going to be in a TV ad for Old El Paso. Watch out for it in September. Those in Australia of course =)

This was taken last Sunday at my church's All Nations Day. Little Cael is wearing a traditional Filipino shirt called a Barong.

This is Isaiah on set for the advertisement. I can't wait to see it!

This last photo I made in photoshop. I got the images from Posh Girl Vintage. Lately I have been loving pretty vintage dresses. And I found this site and got a couple of the ones I like here. There are more but I might do it another time. To see a closer view click on the image. More next time xox

Friday, 17 August 2007

A Day at the Exibition

Spending the day at the EKKA was a fun day out. I never really used to go much but I enjoy it more now. Jason and I went on the Wednesday which is Peoples Day and it's a public holiday for Brisbane. Peoples Day has also become known as the day to go to the Races. Lots of uni students go on that day.

This is Jase and me outside the fashion parade area. We like to go watch it. But there was a huge line and we weren't quite sure if we were going to wait for the next one or just line up. We lined up and there were plenty of room.

The photos are fantastic as you can see it was an overcast day. The ride to the left Jason and I went on as we had a buy one get one free ticket for it. Since rides are about $7!! And we went on the Ferris Wheel later on at night.

I always have to play some kind of ball in the clowns mouth game. I do these ones as I will always get something but this particular one I was disappointed. I got this funny looking necklace =( But I guess it holds a funny memory.

Terrible photo quality. Jason was trying to win me a large stuffed toy. And this one appeared to be easy but alas he wasn't able to knock the three over. I swear all these games are a scam lol. They always look so much easier than they are.

You can kind of see the little stuffed dogs that Jason won. I was able to win another two things from another one of those clown games. And I won something I wanted as well. But it's all in the fun of course.

We went on this mini roller coaster as well. It was quite fun. As it goes down it also spins around.

This is us in the Ferris Wheel. You can't really see the view in this photo but it was so lovely to see the whole park.

A poor quality photo of our view. That's some giant slide which looked like fun.

We didn't plan on staying until night time but we were still there so we decided to wait until the fireworks. This is a photo of the stands where we were watching different things waiting until the end of the night.

I had to show a picture of the fireworks no matter how bad the photo. It's so hard to take good ones unless you have those super cool professional cameras.

This is us at the train station. The EKKA sideshow alley is behind us. That goes until about 11 at night. It was a fun day and night. We were able to eat Dagwood dogs which are pretty much a hotdog style sausage in batter on a stick. It sounds kinda gross but it's not too bad plus it's a tradition to eat one.

And my last photo. I just arranged these quickly on my bed so it's a bit messy. This is most of the stuff I got. We spent about two hours in the Show bag pavillion. It was so hard to decide. We ended up getting 3 for $10 bags. Mainly junk food which is fine with me. We also got those free baby wipes as there was a flu virus going round. They kept on telling everyone to be cautious and it ended up with people not coming at all so numbers were down. And on the left side are my little stuffed toys I won. Except for the purple one which Jason won. The little pink thing I thought was a unicorn but it's a pretty dragon and I wanted that one.

Anyway, hope this wasn't a boring post. With lots of pictures of our day there. There are quite a few more though. xox

Friday, 10 August 2007

Busy and Paper

The semester has suddenly caught up to me and I see how much work is involved for this last semester. Today I start work experience/work placement. I'm doing it at uni at the Athletics track. They have Friday night meets and Saturday too. But I haven't got my full timetable yet which I really need so I can work things around it. I'm just a tad bit nervous starting eep!

I can't wait until it's all finished and I can really focus on the things that I want to. But for now it's uni and getting it all done.

Anyway not to be totally boring I thought I would share some paper I got last weekend. Since Jason doesn't have work on Saturdays anymore we went to Chermside shopping centre. I love that place. I'm just going to put photos in between my posting to make it more interesting =)

I love this paper I got. It has nice texture to it. And I got the A little Princess book. It like $6 or something.I should say Jason bought the paper and the book for me =p

Anyway, it was really busy for some reason. There were lots of promotions going on. And Megan Gale (the model and face of David Jones) was going to be there as DJ's had just opened in Chermside. It was soo busy in the store. Jason and I checked it out. They quite a few free things. We got to drink some beautiful tea. It was really good! And we had some really lush chocolate that cost about $80 a kilo!!! The paper and stationary range looked so pretty and I wanted to take photos but I don't think we are meant to in stores which is a real shame.

Showing the flocked paper. The texture is lovely and I love Cristina Re stuff.

Wanted to show the close up of the stitching of this paper. I love all the texture of the paper I got last weekend.

This one is pretty too. And it shimmers a little. Though the light doesn't show that.

I forgot to say that yesterday on the way to uni, my bus had an accident. I so knew that would happen as I was on the side that hit another bus. We were at a busway and the driver must have miscalulated and we hit the other bus in the back. The bus I was on wasn't too bad. It did have some big dents and bits had come off but the other bus was pretty bad. A whole chunk of the back came off and it was leaking something. Petrol maybe? Thats why they were trying to cover the liquid on the road. So yeh real exciting.

This has a bit of colour. And it shimmers a bit as well. Plus all the paper is pink.

Anyway, I need to update my list and I need to make a schedule of some sort to try and remember everything. As I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. And thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments. It means so much to me! mwa xox

Friday, 3 August 2007


I pretty much started off the week in the weirdest mood. I basically wanted to defer from uni or move into part time which I guess when I think about it is fully crazy. As I only have one semester left. It really got me thinking. I was really confused and frazzled and it made it hard to make a decision, the right one. I felt like I was doing uni for the sake of doing uni not because I wanted to. My work load was huge too which made it even more difficult. There are other areas and things I wanted to do and I was sick of doing something I didn't really want to do. I felt...stuck.

After much crying, talking, thinking and praying I finally decided to finish off my degree at least to justify all the hard work I have put in. And next year I will be able to move on to better things and do all that I want to do. And to help with the work load I changed a subject. And not having a job was another area that I was struggling in but it seems to be working out (in other ways). I feel like I have grown so much in just a few days and now I feel so much better. I have some fantastic friends, family and my Jason. I feel so truly blessed!

Anyway, sorry for going on about that. I've been in deep thinking lately and going through different aspects of my life. So here's a photo of Jason.

This was taken last night just before his grand final match for indoor soccer (Futsal). Unfortunately his team lost. Although they finished first in the season, the team they played last night were very aggressive and played dirty. I think there were a lot of unfair calls, but then what can you do but except the loss with good sportsmanship.

Today I decided to make a journal. I've done my own bookbinding a few times but it hasn't been all that neat. Anyway, I had sewn the pages (signatures) together and realised with the thick watercolour paper I used it was too fat for the size I was making it. In the end I decided to make two journals instead.

This is the first one. It's not very neat but it still does the job I think =)

A close up. The little butterfly is supposed to be a light pink. It looks funny here.

I was so proud of how neat I got this, I had to take a photo. It's probably not that exciting to everyone else though =p

My second journal which is soo much neater. I really like this one best.

It's a bit of a close up. To show the little cameo. They were two separate pieces the cameo and the setting. I pretty much just glued the cameo on.

A photo to compare the two. I definitely like my second one better. The cover is so much smoother and neater.

And another close up. You can kind of see the little added embellishments better here.

Oh and can I just say that I love penpals!! Who doesn't love to receive nice mail? Especially on pretty paper and little bits added. Thats the kind of letter I like to write. Nice paper with stickers and a little something. In pretty much all my letters I do that. If anyone wants a penpal just email me lol =0)