Friday, 10 August 2007

Busy and Paper

The semester has suddenly caught up to me and I see how much work is involved for this last semester. Today I start work experience/work placement. I'm doing it at uni at the Athletics track. They have Friday night meets and Saturday too. But I haven't got my full timetable yet which I really need so I can work things around it. I'm just a tad bit nervous starting eep!

I can't wait until it's all finished and I can really focus on the things that I want to. But for now it's uni and getting it all done.

Anyway not to be totally boring I thought I would share some paper I got last weekend. Since Jason doesn't have work on Saturdays anymore we went to Chermside shopping centre. I love that place. I'm just going to put photos in between my posting to make it more interesting =)

I love this paper I got. It has nice texture to it. And I got the A little Princess book. It like $6 or something.I should say Jason bought the paper and the book for me =p

Anyway, it was really busy for some reason. There were lots of promotions going on. And Megan Gale (the model and face of David Jones) was going to be there as DJ's had just opened in Chermside. It was soo busy in the store. Jason and I checked it out. They quite a few free things. We got to drink some beautiful tea. It was really good! And we had some really lush chocolate that cost about $80 a kilo!!! The paper and stationary range looked so pretty and I wanted to take photos but I don't think we are meant to in stores which is a real shame.

Showing the flocked paper. The texture is lovely and I love Cristina Re stuff.

Wanted to show the close up of the stitching of this paper. I love all the texture of the paper I got last weekend.

This one is pretty too. And it shimmers a little. Though the light doesn't show that.

I forgot to say that yesterday on the way to uni, my bus had an accident. I so knew that would happen as I was on the side that hit another bus. We were at a busway and the driver must have miscalulated and we hit the other bus in the back. The bus I was on wasn't too bad. It did have some big dents and bits had come off but the other bus was pretty bad. A whole chunk of the back came off and it was leaking something. Petrol maybe? Thats why they were trying to cover the liquid on the road. So yeh real exciting.

This has a bit of colour. And it shimmers a bit as well. Plus all the paper is pink.

Anyway, I need to update my list and I need to make a schedule of some sort to try and remember everything. As I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. And thanks everyone for all the encouraging comments. It means so much to me! mwa xox


Chanchan said...

Love your papers. The colours are sweet.

I'm afraid the letter must have got lost as it hasn't come yet. :/ If you haven't received next week I'll write you another one.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Princess!

I'm glad you liked your paper and book :)

Hopefully you get a bit more used to the whole work experience thing when you do it again today. I'm sure you'll do fine.

And the bus driver probably crashed because he caught your reflection in the mirror, and was so mesmerized, that he lost concentration and didn't even see there was another bus there. That's my explanation for it anyway :)

Have fun today, see you at 4

Artifax said...

Your paper is just amazing! I just added some pretty paper to my craft stash too, but nothing as cool as these! What a great idea to do closeups of each's so nice to see all the pretty details.

Thanks for the comment on my butterfly necklace! I really like that one too. It will be Spring soon for you .. and your garden will be filled with beautiful butterflies too :)

The Paris Apartment said...

Gorgeous papers, what are you going to make?

Gracie said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone.
To answer the question =)

At this present time I'm not entirely sure what I'm using the paper for. They might be nice for some journal covers or maybe mini notecards since they seem to be my creative loves =)

Chanchan said...

So no sight of the letter? :/ I think I'll just write another one to you. It just shouldn't take 2 weeks to get to you.

Miss Laura said...

Darling, did you read this book? Its one of my favourite movies, I must read it!