Wednesday, 22 August 2007


As usual I am in the middle of an assignment but it takes me 10 times longer because I'm always looking at other things. It's also been raining yay! I just hope it keeps up.

I have a few random things I want to share. First off I'm going to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival next week. I'm
going with a few of the girls from church. It is so exciting! This will be my first major fashion parade. We are going to the QueensPlaza High Tea and Fashion Showing and the Hardy Brothers Jewellers Evening Wear Group Show. I have no idea what to wear still but I'm sure it will all work out.

Thought I would add a few photos of my little nephews. I love those two boys to bits!
Thats Isaiah on the left and Caeleb on the right. I just took random photos of them when they were in the mood for it.

This is them posing. There are quite a few of these as they wanted me to take photos of them doing different faces. Oh and Isaiah is going to be in a TV ad for Old El Paso. Watch out for it in September. Those in Australia of course =)

This was taken last Sunday at my church's All Nations Day. Little Cael is wearing a traditional Filipino shirt called a Barong.

This is Isaiah on set for the advertisement. I can't wait to see it!

This last photo I made in photoshop. I got the images from Posh Girl Vintage. Lately I have been loving pretty vintage dresses. And I found this site and got a couple of the ones I like here. There are more but I might do it another time. To see a closer view click on the image. More next time xox


Natasha Burns said...

I'll look out for your nephew on the TV soon!!! How cute they both are. LOVING the vintage dresses, I also have a thing for them. Especially 50s prom dresses. WOWZERS the prices on that site!!! I liked a dress, thinking it might be $100, when I opened it up it was $365!!!! YIKES!!!

Mrs. J said...

cute nephews!

Unknown said...

I think the rain has finally stopped, but it was good while it lasted.

The Fashion Festival will be fun though I'm sure :)

And I'll be keeping my eye out for Isaiah on tv in a week. How exciting!

Artifax said...

What little cuties your nephews are!!

And those dresses are divine! Spent a long time looking through that site ... dreaming.....wishing. Of course, I have nowhere to wear a fancy dress, but it's fun to imagine :)

Chanchan said...

Your letter arrived today! Thank you! :)

And by the way, those vintage dresses are sooooo gorgeous.