Friday, 4 February 2011

Just a Minute in...February

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Just a Minute in February

Reading... Across the Universe by Beth Revis (and an assortment of other books as I come across them)

Looking... Forward to the baby shower (on Saturday) for my future nephew Micah! (Yes I am getting a new nephew)

Planning... My Alice in Wonderland- esque party.

Praying... That Queensland will not have any more natural disasters this year (We got hit by a major cyclone in Northern Queensland a few days ago - sigh)

Wanting... To buy lots of heart shaped items

Wishing... I was caught up with my letters so I could receive more mail

Loving... Pretty girly things

Hoping... To job search thoroughly and actually apply not just look

Thinking... About some creative courses I want to do for fun this year (I might post about the potential ones)

Dreaming... Of all the goals I want to achieve this year

I think next post I will list the creative courses I would like to do this year. I do feel like this is my year to really go for things. To not say I will do it but to just do! I spend too much of my life day dreaming instead of physically doing something. Does anyone else feel this way?

An example that I know this year will be a great year is this. In my Goals for the New Year post I mentioned that I had a goal that was too embarrassing to mention. Well, I achieved it!! It's embarrassing because it's something I have put off for years. And that is getting my drivers license. I've been on my learners for too many years and I just went for an exam (Liz who is a driving instructor took me driving sometimes told me of a vacancy).

It was a snap decision and I figured that if I failed at least I would know what to expect next time. But I didn't fail (there was a lot of hard core praying involved). So there you have it. My first goal completed!

That was hard to admit because I've been so embarrassed about it for a long time. Mainly because most people my age have been driving for years!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

Ooooh Alice in Wonderland party! Sounds fab! Am I invited lol?

OneCraftyFox said...

So funny, I was thinking of your tea party the other day while I was exploring Etsy and stumbles across some very White Rabbit-ish finds!!

Gracie, I think you are one of the most organized and busy girls I know :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal, Gracie! No need to be embarrassed. My husband is 42 and he still hasn't got his license... One of these days I'm going to make him go for the test!

thegirlhassparke said...

Woohoo on getting your p's it is so liberating! I often get stuck daydreaming instead of doing but lately I have been making a concious effort to take action, you feel so good when you do. Looking forward to seeing the creative classes your interested in. I am so behind on my letters too, it makes me sad :-(

Sierra said...

ohhh can i be invited to your Alice party?! so much fun! have fun at micah's baby shower and i too want lots of hearts!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting your license, Gracie. I also hung on to my L's for years and years. It was so liberating to finally be able to drive anywhere!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

such a great list!!! love it - you are so inspiring. :)

Katyha said...

oh yay! you got your P's...don't worry, it is better to take your time with those things

Claire said...

Good for you on the drivers license, i feel the same about this year. I blame the internet for my sitting dreaming of stuff i want to make/do. BUT that is way ive enrolled in my evening photography course in March, something ive been thinking about for about 3 years!!

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

what a cute post. great way to think about everything that is going on in your life. and dont be embarrassed about not having your license! i haven't driven in three years... thank you public trans! but i think i should start again soon so i dont forget. good luck doll and happy friday! xoox jcd

Marz said...

"You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one"

So much of my life I spend dreaming instead of actually doing something about it. I feel this way constantly!

Congratulations on not only achieving one of your goals, but for also getting your drivers license! I know what you mean though, I was always so embarrassed that I didn't know how to swim when it came so naturally for everyone else. I finally took swimming lessons at 21! It's been one of my biggest accomplishments so far :) Also, my mom never learned how to drive!

Hope you have a wonderful February! Good luck on reaching the rest of your goals!

Miles Of Style said...

the Alice in Wonderland party sounds like a lot of fun...pls take lots of pics and keep us updated on how it goes!

k said...

the job search one made me laugh, I need to start actually applying too :)

Anonymous said...

So excited for your Alice in Wonderland party! I know you are going to have so much fun!! Congrats on getting your license! :]

I'm Sydney. said...

Yay on not failing! Isn't that the most gratifying feeling?? I always adore your Just A Minute posts! And about that mail: I have been wanting more pen-pals and I'm thinking of whipping out the directory and writing random people so I would receive more! haha :)

Karina Pacheco said...

Gracie you are a sweetheart!!!!
It has been a blessing to have met you through blog world. You have no idea what your words and friendship mean to me during this moment so hard in my life!!! Thank you so much for your very kind words my friend, they mean the world to me. And I Love you lots!!! Thank you so much for your virtual hug ;) I'm sending you a big bear one!!!

I loved reading this post, you are a sweetheart and I can identify with almost all of them!!
Plus I have a secret to tell you!!! I don't have my drivers license yet! so you my darling girl are one step ahead of me!

Oh and I am so behind in my letters, it's not even funny. I have something for you that is now overdue ;(

Take care sweetie and I hope your have a great weekend!

Love you,
Kary xoxo

Cassie said...

Congratulations Gracie! That is a fantastic thing to achieve, I was late to learning and found it tough.

I also must say that I suffer from thinking good things and then not following through and it is something I am trying very hard to work on. Will look forward to seeing your creative courses.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I'm guilty of having big dreams but doing little to get them going. But I think 2011 is a great year to turn things around. Here's to dreaming AND doing!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

We are so alike, Gracie.

Not only with the drivers licence (hooray, we can both legally drive now!) but with wanting to do things and then somehow talking ourselves out of them. This year we will conquer our fears! :D

x Jasmine