Friday, 15 May 2009

Wedding Ideas

I've been doing quite a bit of wedding planning. Mainly getting inspired by images, reading wedding mags and blogs and noting down any ideas I get.

Here are a few random images and thoughts I have regarding them. 

Image found via Mika78

I like that the bridesmaids are wearing dresses that are different colours and styles but still compliment each other. It's an idea I've been pondering on. This way the styles and colours can suit each girl. Although I haven't quite got a colour theme yet either. And still working out whether the dresses should be made or bought. 

Image found via Mika78

I just adore this image. The dress is beautiful. I just love the intricate details on the sleeves. It's so pretty.

We're thinking of having a cupcake tower instead of a cake and maybe doubling the cupcakes as favours?! But not sure how that's going to work yet. The Cupcake Company started selling their cupcakes at markets a few years ago but became so popular they opened a store. I had their cupcakes for my 22nd birthday and they were lovely. 

Image via Martha Stewart 

I'd really like to incorporate butterflies somehow. Either with centre pieces or just the decorations in general. 

Image from Rose and Ruby 

I like these styles for bridesmaid dresses. I'm also partial to the colour too. Colour themes I'm thinking blush, champagne, dove grey...colours along those lines. 

Image from Miss Laura via Forever New 

As my friend Laura mentioned on her blog, this would make a great bridesmaid dress. Before she posted that I had actually looked at this dress before and thought the same thing. Laura has some great ideas on her blog =) Thanks honey! And she's going to be one of my bridesmaids! 

Anyway, more random wedding thoughts and inspiration another time.


Paige said...

I love the idea of the different colors/styles for bridesmaids dresses. I feel that's one negative thing people always take away from weddings ("Did you see how so-and-so looked in that dress...?), so this would definitely give you the opportunity to find something that flatters each girl.

The cupcake tower sounds lovely as well! What a unique idea!

Yelena said...

i lovee all thes sounds like your wedding will be amazing! :) oh and thank you for the comments on my blog! :) greatly appreciated.

paula said...

I love the idea of the bridesmaid dresses being all different but in the same color palette. I just went to a wedding where they all did that, it was beautiful.

megan and melissa said...

I love the colors that you are thinking of using...they will be so soft and lovely. Also, the bridesmaids dresses that you like are so pretty. Can I be one of your bridesmaids just so I can have one of those dresses!!

Artifax said...

It's so fun to see all your wedding planning and inspiration! I LOVE the cupcake tower idea. Just such a lovely concept! And those butterfly covered lights are cute. Maybe do sugar butterflies on the cupcakes? That would be so pretty!

Oh, I did the style challenge you tagged me for :) The post should run tomorrow or the next day.

Andhari said...

Those are awesome dresses for bridesmaid dresses. I was thinking maybe one color but different models, that'll work beautifully. Wedding tower cupcakes are much better than the regular wedding cakes, good choice!:)

Molly said...

the dress (2nd image) is to DIE FOR. thanks for sharing!

Amanda K said...

Hi Gracienne,

Lovely images!


Miss Laura said...

Hello sweetheart Gracie Bella.
I am loving your ideas! The butterfly idea is perfect and the dress idea sounds beautiful... I forgot to say that I actually saw the Forever New dress in like a dusty pale purple/pink. Really pretty. Yay I can't wait to go shopping! It is going to be so beautiful, I am SO excited just thinking about it all.

I love you x

Miss Laura said...

Ps I am still waiting to see pics of your skirt :P

Anastasia said...

i love Ruby & Rose - beautiful dresses but that 'forever new' dress is lovely too!

Labour of Love said...

beautiful colours, style + and your gals are going to be absolutely gorgeous...can't wait to see the final's truly going to be magical! xoxo jo;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Can I tell you how much your blog is making me want to have another wedding??

Adi said...

Hello, This is my first time visiting here. Your blog is a nice :)

Greets from Adi,

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