Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Just a minute in...November

Hello lovelies. Thanks for your comments on the townhouse. We haven't really looked much again...which we should really.

I worked an extra work shift today. I regretted saying yes at first but got over it because getting extra money is always good. Plus I have made a new friend. She's a Christmas casual and she's just lovely.

Reading... The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, Tempted by P.C. and Kristin Cast, Splendor by Anna Godbersen, various wedding mags

Wanting... A house and wanting to decorate it, a Christmas tree

Loving...The fluffy white Christmas tree with fairy lights in the lingerie/underwear section at work =), making new friends

The fluffy Christmas tree. I took a sneaky photo with my iPhone. Thought I would keep part of the lingerie in the pic lol. There's a chandelier here as well.

Thinking... About volunteering at our church ladies conference next year, going to Cambodia to help out in the She rescue home.

Hoping... To do more for others next year....my time, my talents (:p), my attention etc.

Adoring... Cute babies! Their smiles, their laughter their sweet little squeals. It really makes me happy.

Planning... Wedding invitations (I'm taking so long!), centre pieces, other wedding related stationery, my future house (sigh), Christmas gifts, brides maid gifts, brides maid accessories

Looking... At beautiful chandeliers. I would love a white and crystal one.

Enjoying... The warmer weather, sunlight and rain.

Thanking...God I have such a wonderful family and friends (blog friends included of course) and Jason

Here are a few chandelier photos I like.... The first few are mine.

This is a Christmas decoration from last year from Myer where I work.

You can't really see it but the decorations were so beautiful at the women's conference at church. They had chandeliers, sheer black pieces of fabric, fairy lights, candles...It was just gorgeous.

Via Tumblr

I just adore the way the light hits the crystals. They are just so pretty and I know I will try and get one once we get a place.

Have a wonderful rest of week!


Kellie Collis said...

Ahhh so many amazing chandeliers! x

Sara said...

love the chandeliers! Good luck with everything, gorgeous!

Cassie said...

Beautiful pictures Gracie!

Do not worry taking your time over your invitations - I went backwards and forwards from on design to another but so glad I did in the end as I felt they were just right after so very much thought, time and effort. All the time planning will be worth it for sure xx

Caro said...

Love the white Christmas tree :)

_ffyona said...

Having chandeliers around, indeed added so much elegant and gorgeousness to the place. I love it.

I am sure your wedding invites and other planning are gonna go well!

Good stuff are worth waiting, ain't they? ;)

Kristen said...

All of these pictures are amazing... and I hope you get every single thing you are wishing for... cuz you deserve it!!!

Shannon said...

I love chandeliers, unfortunately they don't really go with our current decor but hopefully one day.

I hope you post a pic of your invites once you have them finished :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I would have a chandelier in every room if I could. I REALLY want one in my bathroom. Ah ha

nicole mountz said...

I love this post :) yea it always stinks to take extra hours at work but then it pays off in the end. I've been wanting a house to decorate so so bad lately! I wish I could be planning for one like you are:) good luck with all the wedding plans you have lined up! let me know if I could possibly help! hehe love!!

Anastasia said...

gorgeous chandaleirs....twinkle and add so much light and pretty shadows! my sister has two in her formal loung - they are lovely!!
nice thoughts and plans!

MaryBeth Houlihan said...

love your photos they are great! i also enjoyed your post on "mail" - oh how i wish i got more of it. :)

i look forward to my next visit!

mb @www.liveworkdesign.blogspot.com

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I noticed you are working on wedding invitations. I just found your blog :) so I don't know how far you are in the process but I just blogged today about our sample invitation suite. Check it out if you get a chance...I'm looking forward to catching up on your past posts now that I've found you :)

julialow said...

gracie! just wanted to let you know that i received your wonderful package on Saturday! :D :D it's great, thank you love! i loved every single word you wrote, and i will be penning a reply real soon! <3

chandeliers are so pretty! they're horrible to clean, though. hee. hope your November has been great so far!


p/s: the little Christmas tree at the lingerie section is so beautiful! i'm sure no one will notice if you sneak it home after your shift... HA! ;)