Friday, 30 October 2009

Wishing for a house

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As I briefly mentioned in my last post Jason and I were looking to buy a townhouse. Well it's gone. The owners suddenly decided they didn't want to sell anymore. We had seen this advertised in the paper but then it was under contract but that contract fell through. So we saw it advertised again. There were a few people interested in the place and technically we were 2nd in line. We made an offer but they didn't take it and we made another offer and that's when they decided they didn't want to sell anymore....So frustrating! We had done all the paperwork and we were so close to getting it. We had already started thinking it was ours. I had started mentally planning decor.

In the end I think it's not meant to be. God has a better place planned for us and there's not much we can do about it.

Anyway, I'm going to the dress maker to get my wedding dress altered and my matron of honour Liz is getting some straps put on her dress. I had bought some fabric and thought I had bought a blue that was similar but no it's completely different. Moh. Oh well maybe it will look fine.

On a random note, here are two pictures from last weekend. It was Jason's brother's girlfriend's (that's a mouthful) 21st party. She had a spring/pastel theme going.

I don't actually have a spring looking dresses really. And this top is a peachy colour but you can't really tell. So I put a flower to compensate.

She had pretty lights strung up. I tried to take some photos of it but my camera can never really capture the right lighting. So I had to Poladroid it.

Here is some pretty inspiration for the weekend.....

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Via Tumblr

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be working, looking at wedding rings, checking out a hotel, doing wedding invites and more planning.


Andhari said...

I'm sorry about the house, it's frustating when people can't make up their minds like that. I'm sure you gonna see another house you like so much better and purchase it :)

Ps. Your bro's girlfriend is so cute :)

nicole mountz said...

after all this wedding reading i wish i was coming to this wedding! haha, maybe we can talk someone into taping it and having some sort of satellite thng so i can watch it live ;) well you are adorable.. i love your outfit! sorry about the house people.. they really should have made up their mind before drawing other people into allof that. BUT you have a great attitude, and youre right. God has much better plans for you guys and im sure you'll find a wonderful house. thank you for all of your wonderful comments gracie, you mean the world to me even if it's just through comments and emails. and soon actual letters, yay! but thanks again for your prayers :) xoxo love u!

julialow said...

How adorable is that photo of the floral print ballet shoes and knitted stockings?! I go weak in the knees for all things floral. You look so pretty in your ensemble, Gracie! I love your shorts - and the flower. ;)

Sorry to hear about the townhouse. It must be incredible annoying and frustrating to have been so close to getting it and then losing it like that. Don't worry though, I'm so very sure that God has a better plan for you and Jase. He sees your future, He knows what's best. (:

Sounds like another fun weekend ahead. Happy planning, love! God bless. <3

Cassie said...

So sorry about the house plans falling through Gracie - but as you say better is on the way and it will make you realise why this one didn't work out. Just feels a bit rubbish right now I imagine.
Completely agree about a satellite showing of your wedding, good thinking Nicole! But whoever was on the camera would be super busy showing us all the details! ;)
Have a fab fun-filled weekend.
Keep Smiling xx

_ffyona said...

Sorry to hear about the house. May you find another one soon that you are gonna love so much too! That was a sweet outfit too! The way you ensemble with a flower added so much loveliness to it.

Good luck for everything! xo

Sara said...

Love the pictures and your outfit! Omg your outfit is lovely!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about the townhouse. I definitely know how that goes (the same thing kept happening to me and my bf), but God definitely has a much better plan in mind for you guys. Once you see the place you are supposed to be everything will come together. :)


Lisa said...

aww Gracie you look so pretty in that outfit.

Thats such a shame about the house xx

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I'm so sorry! The right place will come along. LOVE your pastel inspired look. That top is gorg!

Mummerina said...

I was luck to buy my house of a family member - so I didn't have to 'shop around'

The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous - and the girls can def wear them again.

Have you posted a photo of your wedding dress yet? Are you going to??? I'd love to see it =)

Kellie Collis said...

yOU look just beautiful! x

Mod and Mint said...

So sorry to hear the townhouse fell through! Dissappointing. But take a deep breath and you will find that house that will be even more perfect for the two of you!

I also wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and your well wishes after my accident. Much appreciated!

Gracie said...

Thanks for all the comments lovelies!
@ Nicole - I would just love to set up some type of live streaming :p It would be great!
@ Julia - Thanks! It's actually a skirt lol. You can't really tell in that photo.
@ Karina - I haven't posted the wedding dress mainly because I don't want Jase to accidently see it :p So I emailed a link to those interested in seeing it.

Anastasia said...

dont worry about the door closes and another always opens!!
cute look girl - hope you had fun at the party!!