Monday, 19 October 2009

Wedding Invitations

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the brides maid dresses. I'm so glad I have finally made a decision.

Had a busy weekend with work, a beach trip and a 21st birthday. The beach was fantastic! Jason and I went up to the Sunshine Coast. Melly my brother Alvin's fiancee had a small surprise lunch for his birthday (a belated one we already celebrated his bday). It was lovely hanging out and having a BBQ. We hung out at the beach afterwards and I attempted to learn how to surf. Not good but then it wasn't a good day to learn. Waves were too choppy. We hung out more then went for Gelato which is so good. The 21st at night we were just too tired to stay for long.

So many wedding things to do. At the moment I'm figuring out wedding invitations. I haven't quite decided if we are going to do print them or have more of a DIY look. If it's DIY I would love for them to look like the Cristina Re ones.

I bought the long envelope and the window envelope and I'm going to play around with it and see if it works or looks dodgy.

Here are a few examples with how these envelopes can be used.

I was going to use this idea but for the invites (this looks like a thank you card) and have a few pages inside with the wedding details.

This is really the colour theme. White and silver. But I've added some pastel shades with the brides maid and some of the other decos will have soft colour.

I bought the silver paper. So I will play around with it soon.

The hearts are raised silver foil. It's pretty and I was thinking about this paper too.

I wanted to add this for a burst of colour. The envelopes great. And the more I see it the more I'm thinking about using them for the invites.

I just love this. These cards are gorgeous and I wish I could use them for something =)

This is one of my projects for the week. Figure out wedding invitations and other stationery. I think it will be fun.

All images via Cristina Re

P.S. Check out my guest post on Diamond in the Rough. Here and here. Thanks Sara and team.


Sara said...


You have a lovely blog Gracie!xx

(Just in case you need help, the 1st and second pictures are my favourite)

Caro said...

Every idea you have for your wedding is fairytale like, keep going girl, you'll have your dream wedding.

Cassie said...

Congratulations on your Diamond post once again Gracie!
I absolutely love all your stationary ideas but I especially like the last one and if you love it so much I am sure you will find a way to weave it into your wedding!
Beautiful post as ever.
(PS: Check out my new blog giveaway!)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

All your ideas sound just lovely. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

alli/hooray said...

Great ideas! I love picking out wedding stationery, it was one of my favorite parts of planning our wedding. It gives guests the first glimpse of your wedding!

Kristen said...

What beautiful ideas!!! Love it! I cannot wait to see wedding pics once everything is in place... you are going to have an incredible wedding!! So excited for you!

. said...

I'm sure you're wedding invitations will be gorgeous!! Love the inspiration.

Andhari said...

Those are pretty! And very suitable to the whole theme, even the bridesmaid dresses :D

ps. hello, beach and gelato? what a weekend :)

Anonymous said...

AWWW Gracie! I love looking at 'scrapbooking' type stuff! I'm an obsessive scrapbooker... but I've taken a long long break from it. It just takes so long! I can't wait till I get married one day.. all this will be SO fun. I'm sure it can be stressful too! But it just looks SO fun!!!! :) Make sure u show us what you've come up with!


Kellie Collis said...

Such beautiful invites! x

julialow said...

I've always wanted to buy pretty cards and collect them. 'cos sometimes they're soooo lovely, they seem almost too precious to be used! haha. Glad you had a wonderful weekend, love. Congrats on your feature in Diamonds in the Rough! :)) Totally well-deserved.

Cassie said...

Saw this on a truly fantastic tumblr site and thought of you instantly!

Anonymous said...

This is probably the least helpful comment I could ever make, but I like any invitation that's shiny and has texture. So, for my fascination's sake, it would be the raised foil hearts. However, I like the idea of the pages inside--it seems more elegant and less like a birthday card. :)

Love the color choices, by the way. :)

nicole mountz said...

i'm flying you here when i get married. every week so you can help me plan my wedding because you are so creative and have the BEST ideas! ;)

_ffyona said...

It was lovely reading your guest post on Diamond in the Rough! I think those ideas are great! Can't wait to see your choice and the wedding! Sooo exciting! xoxo

oh, hello friend. said...

lovely inspirational ideas.
i know yours will turn out AMAZING! :)

xo. danni

Anastasia said...

gorgeous inspirations - im sure they are going to look beautiful!!