Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Wishing I could take good photos....

I want to begin this post by saying how overwhelmed I am by the support and lovely comments about the whole 'breaking down' scene at work and all the other problems associated with it. I definitely feel a lot better. I've been praying a lot, resting and just using my energy on other things. Such as using Poladroid, making a new blog banner, posting photos on our wedding site (which needs more maintenance) and getting a Tumblr (let me know if you have one).

Plus wedding plans of course. I shouldn't forget them. Made a bridesmaid decision finally and I write about that soon. At the moment figuring out bouquets, invitations, bridesmaid accessories and basically everything now. 3 months, 18 days to go!

Right now I seem to be really into photography (well wishing I was good). I would like a fancy camera but I will be happy with borrowing Jason's brother's older camera. I wouldn't mind a lomography camera.

This is what I'm hoping to buy sometime, the Diana Mini. I'm completely fascinated by the way the photos turn out.

These are single use (preloaded) lomography cameras and I thought that would be an idea for the wedding. I would to have a few of these scattered around and get people to use them during the day. I think it would be really exciting to see what others 'see' on the day.

And here are a few of the poladroid pictures I made.....They're all pretty random photos.

A present from Jason last Christmas.

Down on the bayside.

Down on the bayside. View from a cafe we ate at.

Laura and I when we out for dinner a few weeks ago.

My university graduation day in 2007.

A random photo when we were out and about.

From our engagement party. This was the cupcake tower of chocolate favours. With fairy lights of course =)

To end this post I'll share my links. To check out our Wedding site go here. For my Tumblr go here. And I will be updating this blog. Put more photos and update my links and other things.

Have a great rest of week lovely people!


Kristen said...

I heart your new header... oh my is it beautiful!!! My camera just broke... but it was nothing special to begin with. And you look so amazing in your graduation hat- I wish I looked that cute in mine ;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Glad to hear your spirits are perking up. I'm endlessly jealous of people who have photography talent!

. said...

I love your header too!! It's so adorable!! I wish I was good at photography.

nicole mountz said...

poladroid is amazing :) and when i started getting into photography i decided to try out a 365 photo a day. i know you have your tumblr now, which ill have to check out but that will definitely challenge you in your photography hobby :) and those lomos are just awesome. <3!!

Andhari said...

Girlie, leaving some of those cameras in the wedding is such a fabulous idea! Really, the results will be so unexpected and varied :) and I like the pictures you uploaded, there's something so pretty and vintage about them.

Kellie Collis said...

Beautiful header! x

Sara said...

I love your new banner! And I can't wait for you to share all the lovely things!

Dallas Shaw said...

can you shoot me an email and let me know where to buy these lomolitos? love these

Anastasia said...

hope you're feeling better!! ((hugs)) wow you're wedding is so close huh? it will be here before you know it!! you sound organised though...that always helps!

Caro said...

There is a saying that says:So take too many pictures; laugh too much And love like you've never been hurt
Because every sixty seconds you spend upset Is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.

I believe that pictures, doesn't matter if they are food or bad, Polaroid or digit, they capture a happiness that no one can ever take away.

Have a great day :)

Rhianne said...

Hi, I found your blog through Nicole's and I love it! I love Poladroid and Rollip as well - have you tried using that? I cant stop! xxx

_ffyona said...

I have to say i love the new header!

Lisa said...

aww you two are sooooo cute x

I love those photos

Ashley said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! I was just thinking, hey she made an new banner! I like :) Very cute. I wish I could take good photos too. And I wish I had a good camera to do it with! My point and shoot STINKS. Believe it or not, most of the photos on my blog are taken from my BlackBerry. It's MUCH better than my actual camera. Makes you wonder huh.


Anonymous said...

"I would to have a few of these scattered around and get people to use them during the day. I think it would be really exciting to see what others 'see' on the day."

Aww, that would be amazing! I would love to do that if I were there. The only problem might be camera abuse because the colors are fascinating, but the pictures might turn out cool anyway. :)

--Alexandria from HGT :)

Anonymous said...

P.S. Good to know you're feeling better. :)