Thursday, 27 September 2007


I'm on my 1 week mid semester break. It's really just a break from classes as I have so much work to do. But I did have time to make some notecards. My other brothers gf asked if I could make her some. She's even paying me! I would make them without being paid anyway =)

The notecards are made from a retro look cupcake and icecream paper. So I thought I would dedicate this post to lovely cupcakes and sweets.

These are the cards and envelopes I made. I quite like them. I love the pastel blue and pink.

A closer look at the notecards. I really love that paper. I added little diamontes I used from a necklace I cut up.

The little envelopes. I like to co-ordinate all my notecards to their envelopes. I have a thing with matching.

This was taken at my 22nd birthday this year (in February). I had a tea party with some close girl friends. I love these beautiful cupcakes my parents bought from this market (can't remember what it's called).

A closer look and it was taken at night. It was a beautiful summer night.

And I thought I would share some images from Veer. Royalty free photos. They are lovely and inspirational pictures for me.

I love all these photos. And I have more. I love looking at beautiful pictures. They are such an inspiration to me.

I hope everyone is well xox


Natasha Burns said...

Gracie they're fabulous!!! I love that ice cream.....
Hey I have to tell you that photo on your profile is fantastic!!!!

Mrs. J said...

Nice cards! You are so talented...and ya know what, the cupcakes, made me drool! I'm so hungry right now!

Unknown said...

You're getting better and better at making cards and things. They look so good.

It will be exciting when you finish uni and then have more time to spend on them, and maybe start selling them.

And all those cupcakes are making me hungry too, let's go out somewhere nice for dinner :)

Kimba said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! I HAD to stop by, and I'm so glad I did! Your cards (and other crafts & photos) are beautiful! I'm jealous! I will definately be stopping by more often! Stay in touch!
Swapbot Partner, Kimba (wordsnob)

Cassie said...

I really like those cards!

Have a wonderful day,
Cassie (coco8199 on swap-bot)

Kate said...

Ah, this post is making me hungry! Beautiful craftiness there, I love the colour combinations you chose. Very delicate.

Artifax said...

Hi Gracie!!

Sorry about the lateness in commenting, I've been just swamped :(

Your cards are fantastic!!! Soooo cute!!!

And I just love that tiered confectionery masterpiece at your birthday! What divine gourmet cupcakes! I can almost taste them ... and yes ... the photos are making me hungry too :)

I think you would just LOVE making paper dresses. You are such a talented paper artist, I would love to see a Gracie couture paper dress! :) They can be addicting to make once you start though :)

If you'd like some more inspiration, I hope to have all the swap dresses posted next Sunday. It's amazing how unique everyone's inner fashion designer is and I can't wait to share everyone's beautiful creative dresses!

Miss Laura said...

Oh goodness I love the cards, they are totally cute!!!
You should definitely be making money off of these. Get Jase to help you make a website, and start selling your creations, they really are good!

Oh you will have to help me make cupcakes for my birthday? That would be so cute!

Looove you x

Anonymous said...

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