Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Many things

It is Wednesday and I always have a weekly assignment to do due tomorrow. So as usual I am doing other things as well. I just want to mention first that yesterday was a public transport nightmare! I was at uni a little bit longer than I had meant to stay and I was to catch the 5:33 bus to the city but it came about 5:45. Then it was the
traffic kaos. My bus took 1.05 hours to get to Toowong which usually takes less than 5 mins to get to. That's how bad it was. It was rainy, dark and cold and I got off at Toowong shopping centre and caught a train to the city. I'm so glad there was a train already waiting. I got to the city and caught the 7:22 train to my area and was picked up by Jason as I was having dinner at his house. So really didn't get to his
house until about 8pm. Sigh it was such an effort. Sorry about that epic story just
had to get it out =)

I've recently joined a group called Indie Luv.

Visit Indie Luv

It was a group started by Jeannette. It's a place for all indie designers and artists to basically find out like minded people, check out their items and support each other. And I am honoured to have my blog highlighted for the week there. So thanks to Jeannette for choosing my blog.

* Am I sounding weird today I don't know =p

It was Fathers Day on Sunday. So here's a pic of my dad and my brothers. I had a Mothers day one like this back in May. It's taken at my church cafe like last time. We had a great day and breakfast especially.

Oh and more news. As I mentioned a few posts ago my lovely nephew Isaiah is in an Old El Paso ad! And it's now on!! So anyone in Australia watch out for it. It's about the soft chicken tacos. Which I recommend. They are soo good!

Anyway, I love to receive letters and mail. I'm currently in a Swap-bot penpal swap. I was going to show the amount of letters I have received for the year but I think I leave that until next time. I did make a few things in photoshop though.

This first one is from Art of Writing It's an Australian site. And these were my two favourite writing sets.

A. Koco Stationary Box (Shoe)~$47.50

B. Koco Stationary Box (Dresses)~$47.50

And this one is for the indie lovers. It's from Fred Flare.
A. Storytime Girls Letter Set (Alice in Wonderland)~ $7

B. Hemline Stationary Set ~ $9.95

C. Storytime Girls Letter Set(Little Red Riding Hood)~ $7

I forgot to put a border around it. Oh well thats alright. I want to make more of these showing my favourites from various other stationary sites. Yup I love paper and stationary!

And just a little quiz thing I found at Green Bean Baby. Check out her site. She is a very talented paper cutter.

ACCENT: An Aussie accent of course. If you don't know what that sounds like don't watch Crocodile Dundee lol. Nah it's like that but not so much.

I DON'T DRINK: Alcohol. Well barely anyway.

CHORE I HATE: I guess wiping dishes. It's just really tedious having to wipe it all dry.

PETS: Two turtles Rocky and Butch but technically they're my brothers but they live at home.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Computer, digital camera and my phone.

PERFUME: I love any Ralph Lauren perfume and my other fave is Nina Ricci Love in Paris.

GOLD OR SILVER: Hard one. I love both. I probably wear more silver more because gold is more expensive =(.

INSOMNIA: I suffered this pretty badly when I was in highschool. Sometimes I still get it occasionally when I am thinking of millions of things before I sleep or I'm over tired.

Little Caeleb doing who knows what. A picture to break up the writing.

JOB TITLE: I guess you can say student. Soon to be finished yay!

MOST ADMIRED TRAIT: Hmm I guess the compassion I have for people.

KIDS: Nope not until I'm married.

PHOBIA: Heights and enclosed spaces mainly. But sometimes I can stand heights depending on the situation.

RELIGION: Christian! And I love it.

SIBLINGS: Two wonderful older brothers. Yes I'm the baby of the family.

TIME I WAKE UP: I try to be up between 7-7:30 everyday but sometimes that can be really hard. I give myself allowances on weekends.

UNUSUAL TALENT/SKILL: Ahh this I'm not sure of. This isn't really unusual but I can understand Tagalog (main filipino language) but can't speak it (not really) or read it (very slowly). It's not unusual because both my brothers are the same.

VEGETABLE: Love my vegies! I love corn, potato, broccoli and okra are my fave I think. I love fresh vegetable salad as well.

WORST HABIT: Procrastinating (especially uni assignments). Although I am trying to get better with this one.

X-RAYS: I've had a few. On my teeth and throat. I think thats it.

MY FAVOURITE MEAL: Meals from Wagamamas, Ahmets, home cooked meals and Mexican and Italian food.

Yummy meal from Ahmets.

Okay, now for the facts about me starting with the letters of my middle name.
N: Number freak. I love even numbers. I think I'm a little bit OCD as I hate seeing an odd number on the volume either on a stereo or tv etc. And I have to change it when I do.
A: Australian born. Some people may not know that I am Aussie but filipino background. I feel more Aussie anyway.
N: Narnia fan. I love the books, the movie and I'm anticipating the next movie. I want to get all sorts of merchandise and I should put a photo of everything I already have.
C: Crafty, creative and charity. I would love to combine the three. I would love to have a little crafty shop and other creative things and use portions of the money for a charity. Maybe for the Rescue home and orphanage in Cambodia. And I want to make things to give to people as I love making presents.
Y: Young. Well I know I'm only 22 but I guess lots of people thinking I look about 15 or 16. Do I really look that young???

Anyway, I hope you all made it through that post. I always see that people have giveaways for their blog anniversary or for a significant number of posts I'm thinking sometime I would love to have a giveaway just because =) I'll keep you all posted.


Anonymous said...

First, your hair looks fantastic! And the bus story sounds so annoying, I really hate public transport, but I also don't like driving very much either, lol.

I LOVE all the Fred Flare stationary, I've wanted those girl/dresses ones for so long! =)

Mrs. J said...

I like your outfit in your father's day photo!
I also have insomnia :p

Artifax said...

You're right -- I love Indie Luv! Looks like a really great, supportive group!

I also love those stationary sets by the Art of Writing! And your lovely photoshopping of them with your trademark butterflies :)

Chanchan said...

I just love those stationery stuff of yours! I must say that as you have so many sweet things and everything you create is so sweet you must be a very sweet person. :)

I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I've changed my blogging languege in Finnish. But I've very seriously thinking about changing it back to English. I think that foreign bloggers are somehow more fun than Finnish. :)

Btw, my letter is on its way to you! I didn't make it that long because I sent you that other letter earlier when we thought the first one had got lost. :)

Quilting Pirate said...

swinging by from swap-bot and just have to say I love your blog!

Unknown said...

nice pic of father´s day Gracie!!
& cute stationey stuff!!
have a happy day!!

Anonymous said...

wow, jampacked with fun!!!!! you have the same phobia as storme! (xmen geek here)... and its neat to hear your likes and a bit more about you :) oh as bad as public transportation is, i sort of miss it... since i had kids, i cant walk or take buses as far as i used to.... not to mention, the violence has gotten worse so maybe it isnt a loss....

that fred flare stationery is DREAMY!!!!!!

thanks for sharing!!! sorry it took oodles of time to finally comment :(

Unknown said...

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I’ll bookmark this.