Friday, 21 September 2007

Journals and more

I love journals. Just as much as I love paper, stationary and letters. So I thought I would dedicate this post to a bit of journal love and some lovely pictures =)

I want to show a range of photos I took. I was mucking around with the camera so their not fantastic or anything. I just thought I would show my take on journals.

I tried showing one of my favourite journals from an angle but not enough so that the writing can be read.

This is the cover of the journal. It's gorgeous! It has blank pages as well which is what I prefer.

This is my new current journal. I don't really have little bits and pieces scatttered. Or the pic of Jason. It's all for the sake of this photo =p

Oh I was having fun setting things up. Attempting to have an action shot but I couldn't write and take the photo at the same time. I will learn lighting and how to photoshop photos properly to make them look better.

Anyway, here is a little thing I made in photo shop. I think it will be one of my next projects.

*Images taken from Kikki.K and Cristina Re.

I love her paper and I love Kikki.K stationary. I thought why not combine the two with my love of journals. Hopefully this will happen sometime next week on my week of uni! Until next time xox


Mrs. J said...

Journal is sooo cute to write on!

Artifax said...

What a great idea for a post! Love all the artistic photos of your beautiful journals! I like the black and white paper you photographed them on too -- really a great background for contrast.

And I know what you mean about trying to photograph yourself doing something. I tried to photograph myself doing a tutorial and every pic came out blurry. Need to work on that a bit more :)

Unknown said...

Those photos look very cool, I really like the angle. And who is that dashing boy you have on your journal.. oh it's me :)

Heh well I gotta run to work, but I found this and thought you might like to try it out.

Seems like something you might like :)

Have a good day love you

Sarah said...

Hi, I stopped over from the Blog swap on Swap-Bot. I definitely share your love for stationary! I am also totally jealous of all those beautiful letters that you've gotten. Keep being crafty!

Unknown said...

very sweet & lovely journal!
have a great week Gracie!!