Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Letter Love

I love receiving letters. I have around 10 penpals maybe more in time. So I thought I would share a few pictures of my letters and things.

This is all the mail I have received this year. I covered one of the letters in butterflies as I don't really want my address in full view =)

Just a little artistic shot of my letters in their box.

A lovely letter from one of my penpals. I'm just showing a few of the ones that added a few things to their letters.

This one made me a little bracelet pictured on the top of the letters. Very sweet.
And this one always write long letters and such. This is just a sampling of my lovely letters. As you can see I love to receive mail and like to write letters. Which goes hand in hand with my obsession with stationary and paper.

I got these from my mum and dad when they went up to Montville for my mum's birthday last month. I love these little vintage advertisements. And the pictures are just so cute.

Also I wanted to make a little post about the store Kikki.K. It is a Swedish design stationary and office products store here in Australia. I love it! The website has many things to look at. And I made a little collage of some of the items available.

A. Standard Ring Binder ~ $14.95
B. Butterflies Notebook A6 ~ $14.95
C. Felt Pouch ~ $9.95
D. Leather Memo Pad Holder ~ $19.95
E. Sticky Notes: Hearts ~ $3.95
F. Fine Letter Writing Set ~ $39.95
G. Cloth Photo Album - Small ~ $39.95
H. kikki.K Gel Pen ~ $3.95
I. Mini stapler ~ $4.95
J. 3 Small Journals ~ $24.95
K. Thank You Cards Flower (10 pk) ~ $19.95
L. Pencil Sets - 4 pack ~ $4.95
M. A6 Cloth Soft Pink ~ $19.95
N. A4 Storage Box Choc. Cloth ~ $39.95
O. Wrapping Paper: Animal (5 pk) ~ $19.75

And I think that's it for this week. xox


Mrs. J said...

wow for the many penpals and letters that you receive. It feels good to receive something from the mail... =)

Natasha Burns said...

So nice to see that the art of letter writing is not dead in the age of emails!!! I used to be good at it but admit i haven't written a letter in a long time now! good on you for doing it, much more personal than an email or text message isn't it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet comment today... penpals are so much fun.

Dede Warren said...

love the photos of all tHose letters. I love snail mail too. so nice to find a handwritten note in the mailbox. makes me smile!!!

Mummerina said...

how great is Kiki.k!!!

I agree with Natasha... it's great that you still write letters.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh , I love kikki k too! I need to save some cash to spend in there next time I'm in town!!! I love it when my postie delivers things too! And Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog about Eden too! Shae xo

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I've found mine... Lying deep beneath a lot of other letters, meaning: I didn't write you for a long time. I'm sorry! I just didn't find the time (see my blog also, long time no update!)

But: I'll come to Australia next month! :) Perhaps we can meet? I'll arrive in Brisbane early the 10th! Then we can talk about all the stuff I wanted to put into the next letter ;)

zabrina said...

OMG, so nice that you showed this, because I used to have tons of pen pals in the past. I met nice was really cool. I miss that time...

Artifax said...

What lovely, lovely letters! It seems like almost no one writes letters anymore in the digital age. The art of letter writing is such a lovely one and it is so nice to receive a beautiful personal letter in the mail. Thanks for sharing some of yours!