Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Inspiration.....

I haven't blogged in awhile. It has been so busy and tiring at work. Retail is horrible to work in at Christmas time. I have had some of the rudest customers. Argh!

Anyway, I thought to make some flickr mosaics. 

This first one is all about beautiful packaging. There are so many creative ideas out there and every year I always want to try it but I never get round to doing it or think that people won't appreciate it the same way. 

This next mosaic is about stocking stuffers. Or just some cute little gifts that can be added to your main present.

I like stockings but we don't really do them here. So this year Jase and I thought to exchange some stocking presents...all a surprise. 

I had this bauble made at work. I thought it would be fun to get a personalised bauble made. I got one for Jason made as well. 

I made some personalised Christmas crackers for my girl friends. It was so much fun to do. 

These are the little items in my crackers. A pastel pen, a little Bloom soap, and some tiny envelopes. 

I also made some little crackers with some Lindt chocolate and some tiny pegs. 

This is my beautiful feather wreath. It came with the lights already intertwined within the feathers. I'd like to hang this on my door after Christmas. 

I just had to add this Twilight movie poster. I've seen the movie twice. I loved it! I'm thinking of watching it a third time. One of my work mates is keen to watch it too. Hehe! We are a Twilight loving bunch in my area. 

Anyway, I hope to write another post before Christmas. On my one day off. Sigh. More tiring work. 


Artifax said...

I've done retail at Christmas. Bet we could trade some stories :)

Ah, what lovely flickr montages! You always make the coolest ones and find the prettiest things to feature. I think all your things should go into that first one for beautiful packaging! You package just beautifully!

I am just dying to see Twilight! I was supposed to go with a girlfriend, but this snowy weather put all plans on hold. Can't wait! I did see Prince Caspian on DVD this week and I liked it! I thought of you since I know how much you like Narnia :)

If I don't get a chance to talk to you again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Anastasia said...

love your Flickr mosaics!! you're so good at making these - you should do some Etsy treasuries!
sorry to hear work has been tedious - it gets like that this time of the year...people go crazy!
hope you're Christmas is very merry!!

miss.supafly said...

Ooh, very cute mosaics! I love the packaging one!

Labour of Love said...

Simply divine, Gracie...I love how you find the most prettiest pictures and showcasing them in your mosaics are just so perfect...and impressively inspirational!!! Thanks for visiting and for your kindest and most sweetest thoughts...I wish I was there with you to help you at your part of the world's weather is so much nicer than the icy cold one over here...sending Sweet Christmas wishes to you and your loved ones and hoping you're dreams come true! xoxoxo Jo ;)

shanwen said...

Merry Christmas
Love your flickr mosaics!!
I have been trying to get someone to watch ' Twilight ' with me.. Thank you for those reviews =)

Gina said...

WOW!! I absolutely love those pictures. AMAZING. I hope you are having a happy holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gracianne,

I love checking out your blog! I've been here a few times but i forget to leave a comment! So many inspirational things i love them!

Hope you and your family had a Wonderful Christmas!
& i pray that u have a prosporus 09!

Grace (from Sydney hehe)

oh, hello friend. said...

hi friend!
love the flickr montages, great collection! happy 2009 gracie, hope the new year is lovely for you.

miss.supafly said...

Loving the mosaics!

Andhari said...

Im in love wih Twilight too, you can never get bored watching it :) good blog :)

Anonymous said...

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