Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Polyvore sets

I haven't blogged in over a week. I didn't know what to blog about actually. Plus I had scan count at work and this week I'm helping unpack the Christmas trim!! Wow it's September!

My shop is coming along. Lol it's taking so much longer than I thought actually. But it will be done soon.

As I was saying I've been looking at Polyvore a lot. I finally decided to try and make my own sets.
I've only made two though and it's all still a work in progress. 

Here's the first one 

I was in a fairytale/fantasty mood. So it's sort of how I'm feeling today or really the past few days.

As it's spring now I had this urge to find a little nook to read, write and have a picnic but since I haven't found such a place yet I used the idea to inspire this next one.

I've become a bit obsessed with it now. I truly want to make more now hehe.
Have a lovely week xo


My Charlie Girl said...

ooooo, very very nice! Polyvore looks fun. might have to check it out :) xxx

Miss Laura said...
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Anonymous said...

They're awesome... you should be a graphic designer for a fashion mag :)

Looking forward to your shop,
Love you bella xoxox

Anastasia said...

these are really cute...i like your collages!
but i cant work out how to do it..im so clueless with computer stuff, im a visual learner so like to be shown instead of figuring out things for myself haha!

Sofia Kemm said...

hi there ur sets eem like loads of un!!!
Think ill check it out and try some of me own!!

Artifax said...

Oh Gracie, those are just beautiful! You have such a great eye for composition and color.

Too funny ... I just discovered Polyvore a few days ago. And here you are blogging about the most beautiful montages you've made! I haven't tried it out myself yet, but it looks like loads of fun. But where to find the time??? lol!

Anastasia said...

Hey Gracie

i finally sent my Pay it forward
parcel...so sorry for the delay but i do hope you like everything!

Labour of Love said...

bonjour, sweet gracie!!!! thank you so much for finding me and visiting my new blog...your kind and sweet comments made my day (ok, night)!!!!! you truly have been one busy lil' beaver...my goodness...visiting our homeland, creating such beauty, graduating, all of your projects, swaps, events...you're a one working lean machine...i wish i could have half of your energy...oh to be 23 again...thank you for sharing Polyvore's site with us...i was always wondering how blogosphere peeps created such beautiful sets...esp. one of my fav peeps, Ez @ Creature Comforts...her photos are simply amazing...now you...i agree with miss laura...you should be a graphic designer (and maybe sweet Christmas gal on your spare time) cuz' your sets are pretty FANTABULOUS!!!!!!! i went and tried it out...it sure is addictive...just wish i had more time to play...
i am adding you on to my daily favs because you are one inspiring lil' lady with a heart of gold! i'll be coming over more often to see what your next exciting adventure will be...thanks for finding me! xoxo jo ;)