Monday, 30 April 2007


I enjoy bookbinding. I have only made a few. None which are that great yet, but I will hopefully get there. I use this Site for my bookbinding instructions. I usually use thickish cardboard but I would love proper bookbinding board or chipboard. Anyway, I also use those small, thin artist canvases as my cover pages.
Here are the main products I use. The paper in the pic is the paper I will be using for my next attempt. I want to make heaps more soon. Especially when I get some chipboard and bookbinding board. The canvas pictured here aren't the ones I use but I can't really find the ones I have. When I have finised my journal I will post a picture.

This seller Stacyhandmade from Etsy has some cute little handbound journals.
This is one of her sweet little journals.

Etsy is a fantastic site for all handmade goods. There are so many different things on here. In time I would love to have an etsy store as well. I just need to make quite a few things before I start selling.

Also I have found this interesting idea from Martha Stewart.

I love this idea. I thought it would be great to make your own journals and use this idea to present to someone. I'm all about presentation. Especially with presents.


david santos said...

Thanks for you work, is very nice, and have a good week

zabrina said...

Hi Grace, thanks for visiting! The ideas are cool, love it.