Thursday, 12 April 2007

My craftiness

I have been spending this week off uni doing some crafting. It has been quite relaxing especially after my busy month. But I have to do some uni work a little later. And tomorrow is the funeral. He's being cremated. It's going to be a very emotional day tomorrow I know it will be.

Anyway, on a lighter note here are some pictures of my craftiness from this past week. Most of it anyway.

This is a little canvas I had in my head and was able to finish on saturday. I like it even though its not the neatest painting. And I love butterflies. And don't mind the photo its crooked I know =)

And this is a collecton of a few things I made. Some earrings, I painted that little chest, and those little marble gem things the picture if paper that I glued underneath. I got this idea from Craftster and the many people who use the idea.

This is my Alice in Wonderland stencil shirt I made yesterday. I love it. I love Alice in Wonderland as well.

And this one is the vintage Barbie head silhouette. I've been wanting to do this for ages.

These are the main things that I did yesterday except the painting. So yeh I have had fun. Especially coz I was watching these Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale dvds while making things. It makes it more interesting sometimes.



Unknown said...

Yay the holidays have been fun, I've enjoyed having you at my house while you're crafting :) Tomorrow will be sad, I'll be there for hugs if you need them...

I like the painted canvas with the little butterflys. Very cute :) And the chest with all the gems, I like those.

More stenciled shirts. You will have so many soon, you won't have time to wear them all :P They looks very good, I think I like the Alice one the best.

And I'm getting used to hearing the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales going on in the background while I'm on the comp :) You're more than welcome to craft here anytime you wish :) Love you xoxo

Unknown said...

Hey, I like the Alice shirt. It is really cute. The Barbie is my second favorite. Very cute work. I enjoyed the story of the Easter musical dance as well. You all looked great. I'd have loved to see it!!

Love your blog. I've bookmarked it and I'll check back now and again!!