Friday, 6 April 2007

Good Friday and other things

It's Good Friday today. I'm spending the day doing different things. I have many things to catch up on.

First, some sad news. David my sister in laws daddy passed away yesterday. It is a really sad time for the family as he has been battling cancer but it has finally taken him away. So I just want to say that David was a wonderful loving husband, brother, grandpa and friend and we will all miss him soo much! We miss you David =( I would like to put a photo of him up later.

Oh and Jasons fish Bob died last night. It's really quite sad as I bought him that fish and I know he's only a fish but still he was a part of the family. I want to make a little cross for his grave as he will be buried today.

Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the sad things and Davids memory will always be with us.

I had the Easter musical last weekend. It was awesome! I really enjoyed dancing in it. It was great fun and many people were moved and touched by it. There were a few scenes which I really wanted to cry in as they were so powerful! Here are a few pics of us. This is a pic of Monique and me. This was for the Wedding scene at the beginning. Mon wasn't able to do it the first night as it was her 21st. So on friday night I went straight her 21st party. And this is us in our 60/70's gear for another dance. Not that you can really see that here.

And last night I had another 21st. But I haven't loaded my photos from that one yet. I do have a pic of the necklace I made her though. I love turquoise. It's a gorgeous colour. I made her this necklace and I really like it.

Also yesterday I watched 300! Jason was excited of course. It was great. It came out yesterday. I was able to read the graphic novel before so I knew what was going on. They did stay true to most of it which was great. King Leonidas is awesome. Gerard Butler is the actor. I also love David Wenham. He's an Aussie and I've liked him since he played Faramir in Lord of the Rings. This is David Wenham at the end. I heard and read that they are to train for two months before the movie to get all buff. So all of them are buff as in the movie.

Thats in for now. I hope everyone has a great Easter.

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Unknown said...

Yeh very sad news about David :( At least he is at rest now. And Bob too.

The musical was good to watch. You were dancing very well I might add :) And of course managed to look hot while doing it hehe.

The necklace you made looks very professional I think... I think people would pay money for it. Maybe you should look into a little craft stall at markets somewhere ;)

And of course, 300. Ahhh soo soo good. It was a great movie and I'll probably want to watch it again sometime soon. Maybe one day I will work out super hard and be as buff as the guys in it lol... maybe not but still, I'll try :)