Tuesday, 27 March 2007

fd's Flickr toys

I am pretty obsessed with flickr. I have an account there and I love browsing through peoples photos. It's very relaxing and I find a lot of really pretty things. Anyway in my browsing endeavours I noticed people were making a lot of mosaics with photos either of theirs or others. I found the website fd's Flicker Toys and it is so much fun. I mucked around with it and made two things in between writing a uni assignment. So here they are ->

This is the Andy Warhol style mosaic of one of my photos. It's pretty awesome. And this one is just a small mosaic of things I was taking photos of. Some pretty things I think. And I made that mask by the way =)

And I have musical rehearsal tonight. It should be a full run through which will be exciting. I will try and take some photos of it. Plus I can't wait until I have finished my debate and handed my assignment in. It will be great!


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Unknown said...

hehe in between the assignment hey... hmmm.... They both look pretty cool. Very nice photos in the bottom one :)

Hope you have fun at rehearsal tonight. Can't wait till you have your week off uni. Ahh relax time.

Love you :) xoxo