Monday, 5 March 2007

A few things

I'm down to three subjects for uni now. I dropped one of them as I didn't think it was really my thing. But thats ok spanish is keeping me preoccupied anyway.
Here is something I was mucking around with on photo shop. It's definately not fantastic but I am just playing around with it. I want to use other pictures and things. Eventually I will get better with practise and with help from Jason. It's weird I want to do more creative things when I have uni work to do. I want to write more and create more. Oh well this is one of my outlets. And this picture shows some things I like. Beautiful ornate frames, ballet and the piano. Lovely.
Anyway I was going to put a youtube thing here but for some reason it's not working so maybe next time.


Unknown said...

Very good work there my little photoshop protege. You will be a pro in no time, it looks really good.

You keep creating senorita and I'll keep helping and commenting :)

Lets have bread for lunch today! lol love you xoxo

the solitary thread said...

This is so beautiful =) And I hear you about wanting to do everything BUT uni work! ha =) Thanks so much for your lovely comment x