Monday, 26 March 2007


It's early and I am trying to finish off a debate due this week. Thought I would put a few pics and things up. A few random things.
This one is just something I made for Jasons bday. It's just a quick job so not that great. I like this one better I think. I put a bit more thought into it.

This week is going to be soo busy. But if I just take it slowly and do everything it will be fine. The musical is on this weekend. I'm really quite excited about it. I want to take some pics this week of rehearsal. I never got the chance before but I will definately do it this time.


Unknown said...

Aww what nice photos of us. I like the second one a bit better as well I think. It just looks nicer. You are learning so quick :D

Remember to have some time to chill out this week. Can't be all work and no play. I look forward to seeing you perform on the weekend. Bet you'll be great.

Be good love you xoxo

Jessica Moreau Berry said...

yes, I saw these on your Flickr...and they are adorable. (so wasn't that butterfly party!!!)

I like the bottome too!