Tuesday, 6 March 2007

More Photoshopping

I have been playing around with photo shop again. So I'm just going to post the pictures in order of me making them.This one was me just mucking around trying to get a feel for it. It's not that good but I think the little girl is cute and I love th background paper. Oh and it says " Dance like no one is watching."

This is me and some of my closest girl friends. Taken on my 22nd birthday in the yard. I had a Butterfly Garden Tea party. This one took me ages as I forgot about making layers for each item. Eeep! But I love th final product.

This one I do like in a grungy way. I was trying to add a mini butterfly on the bottom but I couldn't for some reason and just got frustrated.

So anyway that is some of my latest creations.

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Unknown said...


Keep going Gracie baby, you're doing really well. And I remembered to check this time :P

See you in the morning mwa love you gorgeous girl xoxo