Friday, 25 May 2007

Diva Jewellery and Pirates of the Caribbean

Uni is so busy for next week which means my weekend is busy uni wise. So to break up the monotony I thought I would make a collage/montage. This time it is pretty jewellery from Diva here in Australia. I picked some of my favourite bits from some of their ranges. And from there it makes me want to make a butterfly montage and one inspired by the Secret Garden as well. Also some of the jewellery, especially the charm style necklaces makes me want to make them. So I can add my own touch.

Anyway as the ranges are still available I thought I would list prices and things too.
* Diamonds and Pearls Range
A. 5 Pearl Top Ring - $9.95
B. Tear Drop and Key necklace - $19.95
* 'It' Girl Range
C. Butterfly Brooch - $12.95
D. Butterfly Pendant - $14.95
* Eastern Jewel Range
E. Concave painted flower ring - $9.95
F. 2 x rose studs - $9.95
* Secret Garden Range
G. Hanging butterfly charm necklace - $24.95
H. Enamel butterfly pendant - 16.95
I. Painted heart Locket earrings - $12.95
* Golden Girl Range
J. Keys on Ring pendant - $19.95
K. Keys on ring pendant - 29.95
L. Butterfly on hoop - $16.95
M. Crystal butterfly gold pendant - $19.95
These can be seen at Diva but they have to be purchased in store.

I saw this movie yesterday the day it came out. I did like it. I like all three of the movies. I can't help but love Jack Sparrow. I guess it helps that he's played by Johnny Depp. I did enjoy it though. I know some people probably won't like it but I do for the enjoyment factor. To me that is.
Anyway, I shall get back to doing some uni work.


zabrina said...

I like B and L! Pretty. Love butterflies!

Unknown said...

What a good montage :) Very nicely set out.

Pirates was a good movie as well. Lucky I made you wait till the end of the credits to see the last bit of the movie eh :)

greenbean art said...

oh the rose earrings are just dreamy!!!! your blog has a ton of eye candy!!! and i saw pirates the other day too and it was a wonderful movie! what did you think of the boat full of johnny depps!? a bit TOO much johnny for me hahaha! especially since they were all a bit loopy :D isabella slept thru the whole thing!!! thanks for stopping by the blog, btw :) blogland is such a fun place to be :D

Mummerina said...

I <3 diva =)

Peri said...

I love these! The butterfly necklaces are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've seen the movie now, too. I like it. It's not as good as the first one, but it's still quite funny. What's at the end of the credits? We've been waiting for about 5 minutes and then left. We didn't think that there'd be more to see at the end.

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