Monday, 4 June 2007

A few fave things

I'm so close to being on holidays. I have an exam and an assignment left. Yay. I'm looking forward to having time off from studying. Anyway, I made something simple of a few of my fave things. I thought I would have fun with photoshop. I made a mini montage of some of my fave things. The pink
journal as I love journals and writing in them or using them for ideas. I prefer
blank pages so I can sketch and put little bits and pieces in them. The cupcake stand because I have the exact same one given to me for christmas. Plus I love cupcakes. The butterfly necklace to represent my love for butterflies. The teacups as I love tea and pretty teacups. The stationary shows my love for paper and for writing letters. And the ballet flats are to show my obsession with ballet flats =)
I have more things but this seem to be the best ones to use for the moment.
I also want to say thanks to everyone who has been commenting on my blog. Thanks so much =) Have a happy day!

This is for Zabrina at Pixie Blossoms. She asked if I could make some links to the items =)
A. A5 Soft cloth Pink Journal from Kikki.K $24.95 (This is an Australian site but it is Swedish design).

B. Maxwell & Williams Casa Domani Chantilly 3 Tier Cake Stand Pink - $29.95 from Home Couture (Though this can be bought from many different Homeware stores. Again I'm not sure about overseas. Mine was a present so not sure which store it came from).

C. Diva Hanging Butterfly Charm necklace from the Secret Garden range - $24.95 from Diva.

D. The teacup and saucer are from Royal Doulton. It's from the Old Country Roses Range. The price are in pounds as I found this on the British site. I borrowed these same teacups from a friend for my 22nd birthday. For the American site go to Royal Doulton US.

E. This is from Lantern Paper Each writing set is $24.95.

F. These ballet flats are from French Sole They are from the Harriet range. These are in pounds as well. But there should be several different boutiques that hold them. In Australia they are available at Miss Chic Boutique Not all styles though.

And thats it. I hope to make another post of some of my creations I have been doing while taking a break from uni work.


Unknown said...

Yay can't wait till holidays :) Sucks that I don't get to see you much this week, but oh well holidays will make up for it.

Another pretty montage you have there. The only thing it is missing is a big pic of me right in the middle :D hehe looks good, hope your studying hard today.

Love you xox :)

zabrina said...

Nice montage, but I wanna see the Yes? Please!

zabrina said...

Hi Gracie!!! Thanks a lot!!! You so sweet thing!!! It's good to post the links too, so we all can check their sites. Nice things in Australia. I wonder if is more o less money to purchase things from there...US postal service charges up the @$$ to send things abroad. Crazy, very crazy. Husband wants to visit Australia some day. Me too. I am going to knock on your door! Ha!

MC* said...

Hello Gracie :)
Thanks for visiting my blog!
I came here to know yours, and I love it! I will come back for sure, love your postings!

Anastasia said...

everything is SO nice....could be my favourite things too!