Monday, 25 June 2007

To make....

I'm loving holidays. It's going to be hard to get back to uni. I have been doing heaps of relaxing and planning things to make. My latest creation besides my little note cards is making an inspiration board. I have this book that was given to me that has given me the inspiration to make a board.
This is the book that was given to me for my birthday this year. It's a beautiful book with lovely photos.
This is a photo of the project that my board was inspired from. But mine is quite a bit different. I can't post photos of it yet as I didn't have enough ribbon. =(
I'm showing some of the items that I have used for my board. I need another reel of ribbon. And I have to colour in my butterlies. This board is going into the study/my soon to be crafting room. I'm just going to paint a wall first and turn it into a whole inspiration wall.
I had to add a photo of a present I got from one of my best friends. My birthday was in February but thought I would post this photo. I love it. The book is great! I love the photo frame and the shoe too. She also made me a mixed cd and personalised the cover pages. And the paper is a picture she created for me.
Thanks everyone for all the lovely comments. They are very much appreciated.


Unknown said...

Your board still looks good even though it's not quite finished.

It will look even better when you finish it after you buy some more ribbon tomorrow.

Holidays have been great, only 3 more sleeps till Transformers :D YAY. Can't wait :)

MC* said...

The book must be lovely indeed, the cover is great, so soft!
I also love the items for your board, the ribbon and butterflies are super! What are the butterflies made from? Paper? They are really great!
Love the photo frame :)

Gracie said...

Thank you! The butterflies are made from paper. They will be coloured in soon =)

Natasha Burns said...

Love the butterflies Gracie! Can't wait to see it all finished! It's great that you are young and doing all these things now, and are enjoying these wonderful pleasures in your holidays and spare time. We can tell you love what you do!!!

zabrina said...

I am sure it's gonna look great. Curious to see the result. I found some butterflies at Michaels that are made of feathers...very interesting!