Saturday, 9 June 2007

Some things I made

I have only one more exam and to hand in one more assignment and I am finished for the semester. I will have about 6 weeks off! Yay! I'm quite excited as I have many things I need to do and finish up. While I was doing my major paper I took breaks and watched Stars Wars =) while making a few things.

I call this my cute woodland creatures mini notecard set.

This is just a different view. I enjoy making these while watching movies. It takes longer that it looks though.

I love those long necklaces with charms on the bottom of them. I think they're lovely. So I enjoy making them as well and finding lots of different charms. Though I seem to have trouble with it sometimes.

A close up of the charms. I love turquoise as well.

I really like these earrings. I don't really wear dangly ones but I will on occasion. And I like taking photos using my little teacup and saucer.

I thought I would experiment with those invisible line things. I like pearls and pearly surfaces.

This is my sweet tiny butterfly mini notecard collection. I love making little notecards with matching envelopes.

A closer look at the envelopes. The little butterfly matches the background paper of the notecards. And the paper of the envelope matches the little butterflies on the notecards.

This gives a closer look at one of the notecards. The wings are meant to come off the page as I wanted to look as though they're flying =)

And that's it. Since I should be going on holidays soon I'm sure to be making more. While watching movies.


greenbean art said...

oh now this was just a beautiful post!!!!! i love all your notecards! and the jewelry is divine too!!!!!! i dont wear dangly earrings AS MUCH, because my curls are always getting caught and tangled but i do adore them!!!! :)

MC* said...

:D lovely! The woodland creatures are the sweetest thing, and love the necklace. Beautiful work!

zabrina said...

Oh how cute cards you did!!! Put them at Etsy!!! So lovely. The butterflies are also pretty. You have great taste!

Unknown said...

Horray you're all finished uni for the semester :)
The next 6 weeks (well 4, cus I'll be down south for 2 of them) will be fun , spending time with you. Can't wait!

Your cards look so good as well, they look even better in real life :)

Mummerina said...

ohhh i luv the jewellry!!!!
you should sell it on Etsy or something!

Unknown said...

all is lovely!!
good luck on your exams!
have a happy sunday!