Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A few more

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting. Thanks so much. It means so much when people comment and I really appreciate it =)

I'm on holidays from uni! Yay! I'm really excited to be finished for the semester. Only one more to go!

Anyway, I made a few more mini notecards. I really enjoy making them. They're the best size for little 'just because' notes and I love them being blank so it can be used for nearly any occassion.

I like the papers and colours of this one. I enjoy incorporating butterflies with my notecards.

I used tiny pastel coloured buttons in this one. I love those teeny buttons. I really want to get more.

I thought I would make another woodland creatures set as I gave my other notecards away.

It's hard to see the white roses on the paper. I love this paper. The cards are a bit stretched in the 2nd picture. Oops =)

I hope everyone is well.


Dede Warren said...

these cards are darling. what a great gift they would make.

Mummerina said...

how i wish i had your artistic talent =)

Unknown said...

Hello Gracie,
I came to check out your blog and it so nice. Great content! Love your creativity........

Anonymous said...

Lucky you're on holiday already. I'm sitting at uni right now, doing some studies. Taking a break now and surfing in the net a bit.
You've done great things again. They look really nice. :)
Ta for your card, it should get to me soon I guess.

MC* said...

Hi Gracie :)
It's always a pleasure visiting your blog.
Have a nice and inspiring holiday!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Gracie from a fellow Aussie down south, found you at Heather's blog (pretty petals boutique). Love your note cards, they are gorgeous! Wonderful stuff, how do you find time to do this while at Uni!!!???!

Enjoy the rest of your week,

Unknown said...

You have so many notecards now :) You'll be all ready no matter what occasion gets thrown at you.

Hehe they look good as always, keep it up. And I shall be seeing you tonight, so see you then :)

Artifax said...

What cute little cards! I love the ones with the little buttons and, of course, the butterflies!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I blogrolled you too :)

Hope the beginning of your summer holiday is off to a great start!