Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Marie Antoinette

I finally watched this movie a few days ago. It is so visually stunning! I love the scenery and the beautiful elaborate costumes. There was so much visual candy I really did want to eat it. The dresses and shoes were gorgeous! And I loved the colours used in everything. I know many people criticised this movie but I still loved it anyway. I was so inspired by it that I made a collage. The items are things that make me think of the loveliness. I do want to read this book. It sounds really interesting. And the movie was based on this book. Anyway, here is the collage.
I just looked for pictures and things that reminded me of the movie. And some of the items are inspiration and what I would think she would use in modern times. =) Funny to think about it like that. I had fun making it and Jason gave me some help with the collage. Your the best Jason! xox


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Uhh oops that comment above was me too.

Hmm yes yes Marie Antoinette was definitely a Gracie movie, I'm sure you could watch it all day everyday as well just to look at all the stuff haha.

Your collage looks good, you certainly have learned a good deal with photoshop :) Very pretty.

You should get that book as well, it will only take you a day to read it :P

Well see you in an hour :) byessss xoxo

Miss Laura said...

Oh I am here to agree with you, love love love that movie!

Love you x

Dede Warren said...

I'm with you this movie is beautiful to watch! i sat with my markers and paper in hand and paused this movie so many times i thought i'd ruin the tape.

Unknown said...

hi Gracie!
love this movie too!
Rosy :)

the solitary thread said...

You know I still haven't seen this! Argh! I must see it, it looks so delicious, and I really like Kirsten Dunst =)

Ashley Skye said...

I love this post!
Your blog is so inspiring!