Wednesday, 26 March 2008

More Note cards?? Work and shopping

I've trying to get a whole lot of note cards made for my Etsy. I've been doing it while watching Alias which I've finished all 5 seasons now. So I've just been working on my worktable in my silence for some reason. Oh and my profile isn't compete yet in that Etsy link.

I've decided to make a some basic flat note cards. It's more about the pretty paper envelopes I think.

The flat note cards are quite basic themselves but I'm having fun picking paper for the envelopes. These are all mini note cards. I prefer making them.

I have to come up with names as well. I love this card stock. But I bought it in the Philippines so when it's gone I won't have this particular style anymore.

I really love this paper. It's butterflies and all prettiness. Oh another note, I've been working in the cosmetics section of Myer quite often. I like it as there are more people to talk to plus I get to look at the makeup, body products and the shoes which are really close by. And my sister in law works for Shisheido cosmetics in Myer so I get to see her when I work. The thing is it's hard not too buy things as all the ladies are like " Buy that it looks so good" or " How cute you have to get it." I don't know about any of you but it's nice to get compliments and confirmation to buy something =)

These are my teeny tiny note cards. They are 2" by 2.75". They are basic but good for tiny 'just because' notes.

Here are more but these envelopes are lightly scented. I bought them like that. It's from the Philippines though so again when they're gone they're gone.

I decorated this little Moleskin for fun and was going to put some in my Etsy when I realised I made the front cover on the back. So the little pocket is in the front cover and upside down. Eeep! Oh well guess it will be another little note book for me.

It's quite exciting to start selling my note cards, though I still have soo much to do and finish. So I doubt I will be able to open it until at least mid April I'm guessing. Anyway, thanks for everything!!


Mod and Mint said...

Girl, those cards look so pretty!
And scented? Even more adorable.
And an upsidedown journal? Call it art! ;)
All the best with your etsy adventure, i bet it will work out perfectly!

Natasha Burns said...

as always your little cards are so sweet Gracie! love the idea of scented ones!

Artifax said...

Your cards are so awesome! Those little tiny ones are perfect for slipping in with a package for mailing. And some scented envelopes too - how cool!

How exciting for you to be getting everything ready for your etsy shop! It is going to be a grand adventure!

P>S> I'm sending you an email soon too :)