Wednesday, 5 March 2008

New Room with some cricket thrown in

I've moved rooms. When my brother moved out I always knew I would get his room eventually. So just a few weeks ago I painted two of the walls (my first paint job) and moved my furniture into the room. I love it! It will be more personalised as time goes on.

Here's a part of the room. Excuse the terrible lighting of these photos. It wasn't the best of days to take one so I didn't put my blinds down.

My new desk with a few bits that I'm loving. Gosh I love Ikea The desk is from there. More of a workbench really.

Jason bought me that little bookshelf cube. It's meant for a child's room oh well =)

The top part of my cube. They're all presents except for the little hand blown glass perfume bottle I bought from the markets.

A better close up of the items in my cube. I thought I would items that I love and mean something to me.

I love this glass bottle I got from Ikea. I love butterflies so having a glass bottle of pretty butterflies was a must. And those ballet pointes are from my lovely friend Laura.

Another one of my beautiful butterflies. I buy them from this pretty store called The Very Thing. The clear plastic Bauble I get around the Christmas season. I love them.

This is where I got the idea of having a butterfly in a bauble from the december 2007 issue of Blueprint magazine. It's a shame the magazine is gone now. That link is for the blog =)

On my desk. Sorry terrible lighting again. I like my desk blotter that Jason got me. So I can keep my desk pen mark free. I'm a bit of a Sudoku fan. I like to do it to exercise my brain. Especially because I'm not at uni anymore.

Another angle of the desk. There's a little storage shelf that holds it up. On the other side I have some drawers. Another reason why I love Ikea is the mix and match option with their furniture.

This image if from Lula Magazine. I adore the pictures from the website and I'm trying to find the magazine here. Not much luck yet. Anyway, I wanted to say that I have this same shelf. I haven't put it up yet in my room but I will. In the last photo of my desk you can see it peeking out from under the table. I hope to have mine look like this one. Oh and it's from where else but Ikea. It's from the children's section as well.

Last part. Yesterday Jason, me and his mum went to the cricket. It was the One Day International, Australia vs. India for the 2nd final. I've never really been into cricket but Jason has slowly been getting me interested. I have to say it was an exciting game. Lots of entertainment. Too bad we lost =( It was soo close as well. I might just watch some future games.

Jason and me at the Gabba. My hair is all over the place because I tried to tie it up and my hair tie broke plus I was wearing a hat in the afternoon. And we're wearing yellow to support Australia. Our colours are green and gold.


Natasha Burns said...

Hi Gracie!
Your room looks so sweet, those butterfly baubles are fabulous!!!

Re the flowering tea, you can buy it on ebay, this seller is very good:

Or if there is a Tea Too in Brisbane they sell it but it's actually cheaper, almost half the price even including shipping, to buy it from the ebay seller in Canada!!!

Mod and Mint said...

The room looks very pretty! And love that ikea children's room shelf! Want that too..
Funny pic of you and J at the cricket match. Cricket?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice room! It's really nice! Good that I've seen your place finally. It's the room Tina slept in, isn't it?

I remember both of us being really tired and a little ill when we were there in October. :)

Gotta go, time to get ready for my birthday :) Going to have a nice party saturday night!


Anastasia said...

love your new desk! ikea is the best with great ideas and designs!
your ballet shoes are gorgoeus!

Artifax said...

Your room looks so sweet and lovely! And your first paint job is just awesome! Want to come paint my house? :)

I just love IKEA. Everything there is just wonderful. Especially all their wonderful shelves and things for organizing.

Hee..hee.. I just saw you asked Natasha where to get the flowering tea too. I asked her the same thing :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the 4 cube mini book shelf - love it. Great room.

Anonymous said...

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