Saturday, 15 March 2008

News Cards

For the last few days I have been seriously thinking of finally having my own Etsy shop. So I have been reading about it and figuring out what I'm planning on doing.

I'm in the process of making a whole heap of note cards and envelopes, trying to plan business cards and packaging and figure out postage costs. It's been fun! Plus Jason is going to help me with an Etsy banner which will match my blog banner. This blog is going to undergo some changes as well. Can't wait!

Here is one of my new card designs I came up with today. It's just a little peak =)

Here are the new note cards. I've only made two and haven't made any envelopes yet but I'm really happy with the way they turned out. I had this idea in my head. And sometimes they don't work but this time it did!

Here is a close up. used some patterned vellum paper and made a tiny envelope. The envelope is filled with tiny butterflies. You can't take them out but I like that you can see through the envelope to see them.

This is a close up of the other card. I thought I would make one facing the front but added the tiny button to make it look like a stamp. I guess you could say this note card has some of my favourite things, letters and mail, tiny buttons, pretty paper, and a note card to send to someone just because =)

These are the other tiny note cards I made with their envelopes. I make them while watching Alias lol.

I hope I am able to have my Etsy open around the first week of April but I still have soo many things to do. Plus I'm feeling a bit apprehensive about it as I don't know if my little note cards will stand out from the mass of talent on Etsy. I guess it's a feeling lots of people have when they first sell their work. Did anyone feel that way? Any tips on starting an Etsy or online business?

Anyway, I will have more information about it soon. Thanks everyone!

P.S. 2 months and 16 days until Prince Caspian Wheee! Though there are a few more books and movies I'm also looking forward too.


Unknown said...

Cards look fantastic as always :)

Can't wait to help you set up your shop, it will be exciting :D

P.s Time to get ready for Phantom of the Opera!

Unknown said...

The cards are very cute and so original. Of course, if your ask God to help you in setting up your business, He will. Just keep your "creative" ears tuned up!


Anastasia said...

they are really cute Gracie! you should go for it...its been a goal of mine too, maybe we should set a date to and just do it!! i need to make some stuff first...its always finding time, thats my issue!!

Natasha Burns said...

Gorgeous Gracie! Go for it with the Etsy shop, you never know until you try! I felt unsure starting out too but I'm sure you will do so well!

Artifax said...

Your cards are so fantastic! Love that new set you made. You are going to do just awesome on Etsy. If you need any help setting up your etsy shop, just let me know.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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