Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Package from GreenBeanbaby

I received my beautiful package from Ellia. You must visit her Etsy shop. Though she has almost been cleaned out since she reopened her shop. Check out her blog as she always writes interesting entries about her art, family and life.

I was so glad that I was able to purchase some of her wonderful paper cut illustrations. They are absolutely adorable and the details are astounding!

Here are the cute teeny notebooks with the sweetest illustrations. She also put in a little kit so I can try and make my own paper cut illustration though I doubt even with the template that I would be able to make it look as good as hers.

A closer view of them. I was thinking of putting them in a shadow box as I think they deserved to be displayed.

Ellia is soo sweet. She put in some bits of pretty paper as extras as I had paid an extra 75c with the postage by accident. Plus the template. It well over the 75c. I have more paper to play with and it's so exciting. Thanks Ellia!! You are one talented lady.

This little pack here is from a store called Smiggle. It has some really cute stationary. It seems more for kids at school (judging by the people in the shop) but it's fun to look at all the little items. Those little wooden things are tiny stamps. I think I was just as excited as the children while browsing through the store.

Thought I would end this post with a picture of my nephew Caeleb on his 3rd birthday back in February. He was given a drum kit as he seems to enjoy music =)

Until next time xox


Natasha Burns said...

Lovely goodies again Gracie! I love smiggle, the little fluoro highlighters are cute and they have great har cover notebooks (I have one of their pink ones of course!)

Anonymous said...

caleb sounds like a hoot!!!! gotta love that age, eh?! and so glad you liked it all!!! thanks for your kind support in the etsy and blog!!! btw, i use your cards still for thank yous in my etsy goods :)

hugs to you my sweet gracie!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you share all of your wonderful finds on etsy as well as your own cute stuff! I'm so happy I found your blog! YAY! :) Thanks again, for sharing :)

Artifax said...

You always find the cutest goodies! Smiggle sounds like a wonderful shop to browse through and spend an afternoon!

And your nephew looks so happy with those drums! What a precious age that is!

Anastasia said...

i love Ellia's goodies - she is so talented!!
Caleb is gorgeous!