Wednesday, 21 April 2010

I belong in Narnia

Concept Art by Ben Wootten via Narniaweb

For the longest time I have loved the books Chronicles of Narnia. I first read the books when I was about 14 and since then have read the books at least once a year. Those books got me obsessed with fantasy worlds.

I thought it was the most beautiful place (in my mind). I love that C.S. Lewis left a lot to the imagination but I guess that made it difficult to make a movie because everyone had their own version of Narnia in their head. That concept art picture is pretty perfect though.

I love fantasy books because they inspire the imagination to create worlds that exist in your dreams. Which is why I'm also a fan of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland and a whole lot of other books.

From The Voyage of the Dawn Treader set. A sneak peak at my photos :)

The next movie is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. They filmed a fair bit of it here in Australia. And not just Australia, some of it was filmed only 20 minutes away from where I live. This was last year sometime. So being such a fan, Jason and I went to visit the set.

I will write more about this next post because I haven't got the photos here on my comp. Although there were a lot shared on Narniaweb. I thought I would share a few bits of merchandise which I would love to own. And I made a little page in my inspiration journal (the one I wanted to start).

This is a jewellery box. I would love keep some precious items in here.

Leather bound versions of the book. I have all the books that my mum bought 10 years before I was born in this little bookshop where she used to work (My love of reading came from here)

A little wardrobe necklace. I love that it opens up to reveal Lucy in Narnia.

I love the look of pocketwatches, so why not a Narnia one.

Via Twostraycats etsy

This would look sweet on our lounge. It's an illustration that's taken from the books. Pauline Baynes is the illustrator.

Via Bindme etsy

This isn't actually something Narnian but it reminds me of Narnia. I wouldn't mind this journal for all my dreams.

I love Narnia so much I even joined a swap on Craftster. Although I checked when this was and was back in 2005! So my craft skills weren't that great. But my favourite thing I made was my Lucy doll.

I made this 5 years ago and I look at it now and think it's cute but oh my. It was the first rag doll I had ever made. It had to be hand sewn too.

And this is the journal page I made yesterday. I took the photo this morning and it's pouring down with rain so the lighting is a bit off. That quote has nothing to do with the image obviously but The Silver Chair is one of my fave books in the series.

Well that is just a part of my love for Narnia. There is more merchandise that I would love to own. Next post will centre around the movie set. To end...this is why I adore children's books so much. The feeling of wonderment and the beauty of the imagination. I know my future kids will be bombarded with fantasy worlds created by books.


krissy ♥ said...

I loved reading the books, too. Narnia is such a magical place!

Anastasia said...

oh that pillow is wonderful - love it!!! i havnt read all the series but 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe'
was a favourite and still is!

julialow said...

Heehee, you are such a Narnia freak! Just like how I used to be with Harry Potter. OBSESSED was an understatement (I have the Mystery and Hogwarts board game, HP Uno, owned a HP fansite, and even named my diary Ron).

I love your inspiration journal! Good start, it looks gorgeous.

Ohh, I didn't know there was another mixed CD swap going on! I hope it doesn't clash or bother anyone if I go ahead with mine? x

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love Narnia. And I want that pillow with Lucy and Mr Tumnus on it!

I've posted a few times about my love of that magical land. I once wrote a long letter to CS Lewis, begging him to please give me the directions to get there (because I simply couldn't believe he made it all up)

My little boy's middle name is Digory. After Digory from The Magician's Nephew.

I loved this post, Gracie! Thank you...

Unknown said...

Super cute journal page. You are so adorable making that little guy. You should keep it forever and ever. I think I still have the first doll I ever made... it's somewhere hidden at my parent's house. :0

Unknown said...

I loved those books so much when i was a tween

OneCraftyFox said...

Looks like my kind of place! lol.

I never saw the movie, or read the books. Your Lucy doll is absolutely adorable, and your journal page is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

i am absolutely in love with this post. you've sparked a need in me to settle into "the horse and his boy" this weekend. thank you!

enjoy your day :)

xo Alison

_ffyona said...

Oh sweetie, i could watch the movie again and again. I am a Lucy fan. My Dad used to call me Lucy for a period of time, after knowing how much i adore her.

Oh, those days. ;)

Cassie said...

There truly is nothing better than a book to spark your imagination and let your mind be free.

I really get so engrossed in books sometimes that it takes a while to snap out of that 'world'!


Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

I read this book so long agao and loved it. I should read it again!!

missy. said...

my family grew up on lion the witch and the wardrobe, a cartoon movie of the book. seriously loved it. i adore the series and am excited for the next one to come out!

tiffany said...

i love narnia! this post is so lovely :)

if you haven't seen any of the invisible children documentaries you should definitely start from the first one. they're very good.

xo tiffany

and nooo! your package hasn't arrived yet

Anonymous said...

I got the box set for Christmas a long time ago. I love being lost in Narnia :)

Lovely items you've found and posted to share with us.

Anonymous said...

That doll is ADORABLE! Haha I love it! :) You and your Narnia are so cute. I've only watched the movie.. but I enjoyed it!


Micaela said...

I LOOOOOVE that pillow! oh my goodness! I HAVE to have it! :) thank you for posting the link and about it.

magical, indeed! xo

your little doll is so cute :)

trishie said...

I LOVE the narnia books too, so magical...the movies are a bit of a let down for me though. :(

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I really need to watch the movie, or read the books! Never done either, sadly =(

muchlove said...

That necklace and pillow are so cute!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I loved those books as a child too. That doll you made is just adorable!

Serina Paris said...

Those little wardrobe charms are adorable, I want one!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

You've inspired me to read the Narnia series now. I read the first one for a children's literature class I took at Uni years ago, and wanted to read the rest but didn't have the time ... then I just sort of forgot about them.

I had NO idea they filmed part of the movie here! Where was it filmed?

x Jasmine

Sierra said...

Your journal entry for Narnia is beautiful and I also grew up reading this book series, so good! I had no idea that another movie was coming out, I am looking forward to it!

Miss Laura said...

LOL the doll is SO cute x

twostraycats said...

What a lovely surprise finding my Lucy and Mr Tumnus pillow on your blog!
Thanks so much!

I'm a huge Narnia fan, and now that I live in the Great White North (Canada) I often feel like I'm living there :)