Friday, 30 April 2010

All about hair

Just a mix of bits and pieces this post. A post about my thoughts would be appropriate, perhaps.

My legs are aching right now. I had a long work shift yesterday and my shoes don't help. In fact I think they are killing my feet and my legs. But I don't want to wear those ugly (comfy) shoes that the older (no offense) women at work wear.

Anyway, I thought I would try something different with my hair to cheer me up. So I tried to braid my hair but I really can't braid so I had to settle for some plaits. Here are a few photos of my attempt.

I need to learn how to braid properly but I had to be happy with plaits. I had one on each side of my head and put the rest of my hair into a messy bun. My hair not actually this light but this is the colour of it in the sun or with light.

This is more my natural colour. I put a little bow in my hair to finish off the look and I really loved it all day. Oh and I have 3 earring holes but one of my tiny pearl earrings broke (the pearl fell out!) And I always forget to put earrings in the first hole.
How do you like?? I want to experiment more and hopefully learn to braid properly.

A few other random things. I would love to make my own version of this headband.


I was so ready to buy it but shipping to Australia was ridiculous and I have found some supplies and thought I would make it myself.

And this is another project I want to attempt that I saw via Project Wedding. Chiffon and tulle flowers. Again I thought this would be pretty on a headband but it could be a corsage brooch or could be made into a sash! I have found some supplies which I have to purchase soon.

I had a few other things I was going to share but I might save that for another post. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's another long weekend for us. It's Labour Day on Monday. Whee for public holidays!


Anonymous said...

great post. i love the photos.

xo Alison

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Looks cute I love plaits. I am thinking I will be wearing a side plait this summer xx

thegirlhassparke said...

I think the plaits are cute, I cant braid either so I too settle for plaits. Oh you and tiff are making me really get into bows I think I might buy one or make it myself.
Its so annoying when you find something you like but shipping to Aus is more than the actual product, oh well. I definately think you could make it yourself.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Have a wonderful long weekend, Gracie! I've no doubt you could whip up a cute headband like that one in no time!

Claire Kiefer said...

your hair looked beautiful! I love those soft braids.

Unknown said...

Good luck with your project!!!

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Mrs. Wedding Crasher said...

Love the heart headband!

dblchin (double chin) said...

That is one pretty look! I love hw u did ur braiding

Sandra said...

Oh man, I HEAR you!! People at my retail job keep telling me I'll get used to it, but my poor aching feet get a beating every day I go to work! And wearing cute flats don't work either! At the end of a long work day, I tell myself, I don't care how nurses shoes look like old people shoes, I am going to buy them for the sake of my poor feet!!
But then I go check them out and I just see how terribly they will clash with my clothes and my age and walk away shaking my head and mumbling, "uh uh. never." lol

Until then, the search for perfect work shoes continues!

ps. cuuute hairstyle! I love your bow pin. :)

jozen said...

lucky girl! labour day weekend for us isn't until september!!!

Cassie said...

I have to admit that I cannot braid either - plaiting is the way forward!

Love all your supplies, pictures like that have me itching to be creative.

Enjoy your long weekend, we have one here in England too!

Sharon Lei said...

I love headbands from! Everything on that site is awesome.

xx Love & Aloha

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Those plaits look great! When I braid my fringe across my hairline I only ever use the braiding technique for one side of my hair, the other half of the braid is plaited normally (if that makes sense). It takes practice!

I know what you mean about shoes. I hurt my foot almost 2 years ago and was on crutches for 5 months. My foot's still sore, so I constantly get around in my joggers. It's the worst look ever and I can't wait for the day I can wear my cute shoes again! But for now, I am like one of those "old" ladies who wear "comfy" shoes, lmao :/

Enjoy the long weekend!

x Jasmine

Clare said...

your hair looks really cute like that, there's nothing like braids to cheer you up x

Alyssa said...

Ill send you an email on how to braid :)

I can braid my own hair, but i cannot braid other peoples hair, its weird.

Once you get the knack of it you can do so many different things!

Jess said...

Your hair looks very pretty like that. And I love that hairband!

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Oh, I forgot to say. I saw this today and I thought of you!

x Jasmine

OneCraftyFox said...

Love the hair, very casual but girlie and flirty!!

I'm itching to start some new smaller projects as well that include hair pieces. I think I've been procrastinating since I've been wearing it shorter for the past few months. I just got it cut again the day before yesterday, lol!

Have a great weekend :)

Cat said...

I adore your braid! It looks lovely on you, my dear :)

_ffyona said...

That's a lovely attempt. I need to try on mine too. Have a good weekend. ;)

becca said...

Ooh, braids!
You should definitely try to make that headband, it's so fun :)

Have a great little Saturday!

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

OOh I love braids too! My hair is so fine they always fall out though!!

You should definitely make the headband you can probably make it better anyway!!

Stopby my blog and enter my first giveaway if you get a sec!!

Kellie Collis said...

I loved that flower! xx

Barbara von Enger said...

I think plaits are lovely in a girly sort of way. I do not wear plaits because I've just had my hair cut for spring;-)
But I love seeing plaits on other girls. It reminds me of my girlhood. Your headband is so pretty. XX

Unknown said...

I love the braid with bow! And personally, I think that with braids, messier and less "done" is better anyway. It's perfect like this!

Sierra said...

Ohh I love the sound of tulle flowers, so pretty. I hope you had a nice weekend! I love that heart headband too, you should to make one for your Etsy. ;) Oh and good job on your hair, I think it looks lovely.

julialow said...

Awww your plaits are so cute! I never knew how to french braid my hair until two years ago. I love doing it! But I've only just got my straight hair permed again so it's a little tricky now. :) x