Thursday, 23 April 2009

Some sewing

I've only got one more dressmaking lesson in a few weeks time. I wanted to continue but might do it next year instead. I'm also thinking of asking my dressmaking teacher to make my wedding dress. She's such a lovely lady.

I would show off my skirt but I haven't quite finished the hem. I'm making some PJ shorts as well.
Here's a peak but I haven't done the elastic waist yet. I like sewing. I have a few other projects lined up that I will like to try. I have a friend who used to work with me at Myer who got me into sewing. She went to the same dressmaking classes as me but she started hers earlier and was on a different night. Plus she's way more advanced than me and does her own patterns.

Taken from

I want to learn to make this dress sometime. The Burdastyle website has free patterns, how-tos images from members who have used the patterns and it's great just to browse around. 

Image taken from Built by Wendy

I love the clothes from this site. And I love the fact that some patterns are being sold too. I especially would like to try that blue dress. 

As for wedding news. Still trying to find some a venue. We have a few appointments set up for the next few weeks. And we are meeting out photographer next week! Her name is Sharon Pappas and she did my friend Laura's wedding. On Laura's blog you can see some of the wedding photos taken. 

Image taken from Jenny Packham

And I just had to add more wedding dress inspiration. I love this one. I really adore the flowing styles.
Image taken from Jenny Packham

I really like this style too. Again there is something about flowing dresses that I adore. Don't even know if they suit me yet lol. Oh well.

Have a lovely day


Miss Laura said...

Oh I loooooove that first wedding dress, I think the flowy dresses are beautiful... I guess they are sort of like my bridesmaid dresses!!! If you can't find one in the store, I know someone who could make it!!!
I think you will be fine with flowy, but I think the first one works better than the second because it shows the figure of the girl a bit more and you have a beautiful figure you should show and be proud of one day when you are showing the grandchildren! Oh Sharon told me you were meeting with her, that is great, she will love you, and you will love her!!!

Are you still not sure about venues? xoxox

Pss the dress to sew looks so lovely and very lady like!

Andhari said...

Strapless dresses never go out of style. I would like to add more and more to my collections lol

paula said...

I love it all. I must check out how to make that gray dress, beautiful.

megan and melissa said...

I too love that gray dress. I would love to make something like this. Good luck on your sewing endeavors...hope it all turns out how you want it!

Yelena said...

that grey dress is so cute.
i took a sewing class once.
my parents even bought me a sewing machine for christmas.
but for some reason i have yet to use the sewing machine.
i think i'm going to look into actually doing some sewing. :]
thanks for the inspiration! ;]
p.s. those wedding dresses are beautiful. loving that flowy style. :]

Bridal Jewelry Fan said...

Sewing your own wedding dress is a great ambition. I studied fashion design and I used to sew day in and and day out from when I was 13to 26....But I stopped sewing after I changed career.... Now you make me feel like picking up sewing again...

E said...

Beautiful blog. And I love that bluegray Burda dress...I actually stopped breathing for a second to think about making it :)