Friday, 4 April 2014

USA Trip 2013 - Savannah, Georgia

Hello lovely people. From Raleigh, North Carolina we started our road trip to Savannah, Georgia. We drove through South Carolina on our way. 

1. Road trip snacks (one of the best parts I think) 
2. Galloway House the beautiful plantation house we stayed in 
3. The outside deck at night 
4. The beautiful dining room 
5. The king bed room 
6. An Australian flag to say some Aussies were staying here (thought this was really lovely)
7. Archway 
8. Savannah Moss
9. Old staircase 
10. The Wandering Madman (he survives with donations. He was awesome)

I wish we could've spent more time here. The plantation house was so pretty and we spent one of our days reading in the lounge room and the sunroom. It was so relaxing. 

Only a few more posts to come :) Have a good weekend. 


Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

The house you stayed at was really pretty! I think I have a picture of me standing under that same archway :) Savannah is a really pretty place, I want to go back there some day! Hope you're having a nice Sunday!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Nothing beats road trip snacks and they look amazing!!!!

Jan-Peter said...

Yes, it's a very nice place. Wish we had spent some more time there back in 2012.

trishie said...

I want to stay in that plantation house! Looks lovely, what a great home away from home.