Thursday, 5 February 2009

What happened on my birthday

My birthday has come and gone. I had a little girly thing on the Friday night as I have been for the past few years. I really get into it because I have fun in planning and creating. Here are some photos from that night and a few from my actual birthday. 

This first series of photos are my favours. This is one of my favourite parts. Putting together little packages.
I gave them all a little Smiggle note books, some Smiggle mini note cards, A Smiggle giant paper clip (can't find a link for), A Kikki.K mini wooden peg, various other office supplies like little shaped paper clips and little sticky note. I also had a glittery pencil, a pastel pen, a tiny memo pad and a mini note card made by me. All done up in a paper bag with some twine and a butterfly clip.
This is my table set up. You can't see my actual decorating yet. A few people weren't able to make it by the time I had my set up so it's a bit smaller than I thought it would be. 

Here is a close up of my table setting. It wasn't terribly exciting but it was fun to do. 

A fancy angle of my table set up. Oh and I played around with the iPhoto editing. So most of these photos have been edited with that program. 

And this photo is the whole set up. That netting was from Ikea. It's meant to go around your bed. I added some fairy lights. It looked a lot prettier at night. Excuse the side mess.

This is me having fun with the editing of photos. It also gives a better look at my set up. 

Playing again. I love that lamp. It was a birthday present a few years ago. 

Playing and trying to show the lights off. I really lovely playing around with the photos. 

Just a few of the girls. I wanted Jason to stay cause a few of my other friends weren't able to make it =)
My cake! I haven't had a proper cake since my 21st. It was my lovely sister in law who brought it. It was soo good!
Me posing with my presents. I'm such a child I love to open them, but I adore giving presents as well. 
I love girly photos. And I made it look a little different. This is 'old time' from iPhoto.
And I had to end it there. I think I will do another post with more photos next time. From my actual birthday. I have a few more things lined up.


Unknown said...

It was a fun night, glad I could be there. Also, I really like your photo editing :) The one of the lamp, and the one of the lights above it look really good.

Andhari said...

You look good..and happy. Good to know you had a good celebration with your friends.

Mummerina said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!
I want to come to one of your parties... Everything looked fab!
I so have that cupcake stand too - I store all my jewelry on it.

Anastasia said...

so lovely - looks like a perfect evening! your table looked gorgeous and so do you!!
big Hugs!

carina said...

Wow, that looks like the best b-day ever!

Anonymous said...