Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Packages and other creative pursuits

I have so much free time on my hands (due to not working much) and there are so many creative things I would like to do that it's hard to know where to start. 

However before I go into details I just want to share some lovely packages I have received. 

This is from Kerri. It was such a sweet little package. She included the Hemlines stationery set that I have wanted to get for ages!

The pretty wrapping from another package. This one was from Jason. It was for my birthday. 

This is what was inside the wrapping. Everything is from Notemaker. A small Moleskine, two other notebooks, and two different photo albums. 

I received this pretty brooch from Anastasia. It's so lovely. 

And this is another package from Anastasia. It's a pizza box of collage/crafty supplies that she got from Ruby St Designs. Gorgeous things. I should really start creating with it!

I have a few new creative pursuits. One being sewing. I have my first sewing lesson/course next Monday night, so that should be interesting and fun. The other is letterpress. I wanted to do a lesson or course for so long. There aren't any here which is a shame but I have bought a tabletop letterpress. I'm getting it from Bespoke Press. Jason and I went around to have a look at it and it was just too good to pass up. Alischa is just so lovely and she was very informative. Her work is amazing! Eee! I'm so excited about things.

Thank you for my packages and for all the lovely people I am so privileged to met and know =)


Gina said...

What beautiful things : )

OlynXes said...

That's so great chica :) It's great to see you really getting into this and making such beautiful things. I think it's healthy haha so I'm thankful, I'm finally starting to pick up on some things too.

Your own letterpress ay? That would definitely be heaps of fun. Does it do embossing as well? Coz I was actually thinking of getting you some of that embossing stuff with the heat gun since I missed your bday and all... and coz I accidentally used some of the stationery stuff I was supposed to give you as a gift :(. So I wanna give you something that'll be useful to your lil endeavour. But yeah that's great chica! Yah... my bank account is suffering too :( mohhh.

We gotta catch up soon... actually - are you around on Sat? Coz Hung and I are having a little date around your area - maybe we could swing by on the way back and say hello? let me know, though you might be working hehe love u mwa

Miss Laura said...

Sewing & Letterpress that is awesome! I wish I could join you xo

Miss Laura said...

I didn't even realise there was a letterpress place in Brisbane, what a great discovery! x

Anastasia said...

everything looks wonderful!! Kerri's shop is great, i hearted it ...its nice to discover new Etsy shops!
the letterpress sounds wonderful! cant wait to see what you do!!