Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My nephew's 4th birthday and creations

Yesterday it was my nephew Caeleb's 4th birthday. He had a little party on the weekend. It was a nice relaxed day, though it was really hot!

Some edited photos from the weekend party. 

I adore this photo of Caeleb. He's getting ready for Pass the Parcel. He's a very thoughtful, artistic and creative child.

Caeleb clinging on to his dad (my oldest brother) like a little monkey. 

Having a laugh with mum (my sis in law) I think they smile the same =) 

Jase and me at the park. We were looking after some of the kids while they played. I can't help but post pictures edited now. 

This personlised stamp was my Valentine's Day present from Jason. He designed it and got it made into a stamp. I adore it. He's so thoughtful! I can use it to make myself some personalised stationery. He knows me so well. 

I was making these little rings for fun. But I might put them as a little gift set with some note cards or something? It's just one of the ideas I'm playing around with.

Next post I have to show some of the lovely packages I have received from some thoughtful people. 


Miss Laura said...

Happy birthday Caeleb!

What an awesome stamp, Jase is so thoughtful!


Andhari said...

You have a very cute birthday boy right there :D

My Charlie Girl said...

Wow, what a cutie! xxx

Anastasia said...

awww he's gorgeous and he's grown too!! happy 4th birthday to Caleb!
love the stamp...your man is a sweetie!

Mummerina said...

Caeleb is so cute. Is he the one who you said was on a TV add?

I love those rings!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos of your nephew and also of you too!! and your new stamp is DREAMY :D wow!!! very elegant ;)