Monday, 15 June 2009

Rose and Ruby

I'm a huge fan of the Rose and Ruby site. The dresses and clothes are sweet, feminine and romantic. Their clothes bring me a lot of inspiration for the wedding, especially bridesmaid dresses. I haven't actually bought a wedding dress yet but very sure of the dress I want. So I'm moving on to thinking about what type of dresses I would like my bridesmaids to wear. 

Image via Bespoke press

The dresses from this wedding are Rose and Ruby dresses and I'm really loving the mismatched bridesmaid look. It's nice to have them wear a dress that suits them and most likely they will be wearing different dress styles although it will probably be the same colour. 

Image from Rose and Ruby

I quite like that colour pink of the dress on the right side. It's not in the colour theme but I figured the bridesmaids can be a different colour? Maybe...

Image from Rose and Ruby

Or maybe this colour. My biggest challenge is finding a colour that will suit my bridesmaids. I like the flow of this dress too. 

Image taken from Rose and Ruby

I'm liking these styles as well. Maybe in a darker colour. But it's part of my inspiration. 

Image taken from Rose and Ruby

I just think this is pretty. I really do have a thing for these flowing dresses. The silk flowers are a nice touch too. 

Have a lovely week everyone!!


Miss Laura said...

STUNNING! AH! So exciting... and I would like to add those styles of dresses would be so perfect with your wedding dress :)

I love the unique features like the silk flowers and the trims and bows, so feminine and graceful.


Ps I absolutely love Rose and Ruby style including their website graphics so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wow! How beautiful!!

Kellie Collis said...

Do you know that i had actually considered those images but the colours didnt work with my choices!! Wow such gorgeous taste we have :) Love their store, i could go crazy with their handmade flowers too x

Amanda K said...

Those dresses are so pretty!!
When is the wedding?

Artifax said...

You always find the most beautiful inspiration photos!! Sounds like you have settled on a color scheme - gorgeous and sophisticated! - and I LOVE the monogram!! How cool is that!?

It is so very fun to watch you blog about your wedding plans as they evolve and grow!

megan and melissa said...

These are all so nice and lovely. I am sure whatever you end up choosing will be just right. Good luck on your hunt for that perfect dress.

Anastasia said...

i love Rose & Ruby's style - beautiful! hey you should come to sydney to do some wedding day shopping haha now that would be nice!

julialow said...

Such beautiful gowns and pretty dresses! Absolutely lovely. I think bridesmaids having different designs but in the same colour is a good idea. :)

weddings make me so happy (but they're oh so very stressful to plan) - i hope yours is everything you've dreamed of and more!


Dana Boss said...

hey, how did you order your Rose and Ruby dresses? I see it was about a year ago that you did and it doesn't seem like their site has been updated since. Just trying to order dresses for my wedding!

Polka Dot Bride said...

Dana- they're taking a break for a few seasons.