Friday, 3 June 2011

Happy things to end the week

I love Fridays because it's a definite day off from work. Even though I had a few 7am work starts (until 5:30pm),it's nice to always look for the good things in your week.

♥ Seeing double rainbows on the way to work (especially when it's so early and you are feeling sleepy and a little cranky)

Liam, Me, Nicole

♥ A mid week dinner with work people from my department. It was a going away and two birthdays. Liam has left us :( Liam and Nicole started around the same time as me, but  everyone is leaving and I want to leave too. (Haa and I worked all day but had time to get changed).

♥ Cooking a fried rice for dinner because we had a lot of left over rice. It's a basic one as I'm really only a beginner when it comes to cooking. 

♥ My Game of Thrones book. I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to finish and to read the rest in the series. Plus, Jason and I are waiting for a time when we can sit together and watch the TV series. 

♥ Joining the It's a Photoswap over at Rhianne's blog For the Easily Distracted. I've never done a swap like this before and I think it will be fantastic! 

I'm feeling good today. The sun is shining, I'm relaxing and I just feel great! I hope you have a fantastic weekend! What are some of the happy things to end your week?


Karina said...

Double rainbows that is beautiful and definitely brings a smile :) You can also imagine the little leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of those rainbows - hehehe!

You look beautiful and fried rice does sound yummy :) As a matter of fact that's what I ate today :)

That Photoswap looks so interesting but I don't have a toy camera to use :( I'm thinking though, because i don't want to use a disposable camera! I have no idea how they would come out?

Have a great weekend love :)

xo Kary

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

Ooh, that photo swap looks fantastic! I've just signed up!

x Jasmine

Jenni Austria Germany said...

aaaand now i want some fried rice.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

horray for rainbows and sunshine :) have a great weekend lady! xoxo jillian:: enter to win a leigh viner print!

The Brunette said...

Lovely photo of you all.
Have a lovely weekend xx

Maria V said...

7am starts! Sounds sad...I would never be bale to get up this early for work:)
re: fried rice recipe, you should share with us your basic recipe. I tried once to cook it without much success! So would be useful to know how to do it at least at a basic level!
p.s. Really glad you found a minute to visit my blog:) So nice to meet more wonderful bloggers!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

What about your glossy magazine from Canada? Surely that belongs on the list?! ;~)

I have had such a crazy week. Looking forward to a relaxing, fun weekend. I need to get working on my lists for the swap!

Enjoy the weekend, lovely friend. xo

Claire said...

ive never seen a double rainbow before! x

LCR said...

Happy weekending! The double rainbow was sure a good start to yours:) and the rest looks so great too- that rice dish looks delish!
I'm heading over to the photo swap to see what it's all about... thanks for sharing!

JelenaDoll ~ said...

wow that double rainbow looks absolutely beautiful. To be honest i fully feel like some friend rice now aye. My boyfriend got me into the whole fried rice thing =] so yummy !

JelenaDoll ~ said...

oops i mean fried rice* lol my bad.

Lyndall said...

The Game of Thrones tv series is amazing! If you're enjoying the book, I think you will love it :)

Krystal said...

that looks like a good week - good food, good friends, what else do you need!

k come karolina said...


xoxo from rome

Sarah said...

So I think that I've only seen a double rainbow once in my whole life! It's a beautiful sight! x

Megan said...

Game of Thrones is really good, Brendan especially loved it. I love fried rice, I only learnt to cook it myself last year and really need to do it again soon.
Thanks so much for watching hotseat on Friday - it was fun to know you guys were watching. Putting a letter in the post for you this week x

Anonymous said...

Rainbows are beautiful and amazing. Enjoy the photo swap, it sounds like so much fun!

Ocean Dreams said...

Yay for a gorgeous rainbow in the morning and yay for another swap! I hoe you have a nice rest of your week and sorry about your friends leaving, I hope wherever they are going leads them somewhere nice!

Kristin said...

Rainbows always make me happy too! I hope you have a lovely start to your week lady!