Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Mail love

I simply adore mail. I've had dreams about mail (usually piles of it) and wake up excited only to feel disappointed that it was only a dream.

Anyway here's my most recent incoming and outgoing. 


A thank you from Jasmine for organising the snail mail group :) So sweet. 

A card and Flare magazine from the wonderful Erin. I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence and I asked if she could send me the mag :) So lovely. 

A letter and two magazines from beautiful Micaela! I also asked Micaela if she could send me those mags and she did. I adore my gorgeous blog friends. 

A letter and bunch of stationery and other bits from a pen pal Rachel. 

A pretty, pretty post card from Claire

One of my best friends Laura is in Europe with her hubs and she sent this post card she created with a personal note and her blog address from her Europe trip. LOVE!

The first letter from a new pen pal Sharni :) 

A great post card and little mini cards from Priya. We did a personal post card with a quote swap. 

My I love lists (Happy mail group swap) partner Hannah's lists :) Maybe a post about that sometime. 

 A letter and pretty earrings from Megan. I love stud earrings.

A letter and a hand sewn mug rug (as Ruth called it). To use when I drink tea and have a snack. Cute. 


This is a an old letter to Micaela but last time it was a only a sneak peak. 

A letter and bits for Alicia

For the book swap co-hosted by Claire of Bicoastally. I'm not sure if my partner has gotten her books yet so this is just a teaser. 

My lists to Hannah

A letter to a new pen pal Simonette. 

Some post cards for a Swap-Bot Quote post card swap. 

The quote I wrote on each post card. I adore Anne Frank. 

A sneak peak for a letter to Claire

The envelope to Claire. I love those book plates so I thought to use it for a mailing label. 

I really love mail and it makes me so happy to receive it and to send it out. I do have a lot of letters and things to catch up on though so I will started :) 


Erin {pughs' news} said...

So glad your letter and magazine got there and that they did not disappoint.

I am missing the mail so much right now. Hope Canada Post resolves their issues soon and the strike ends. I have lists and books and letters to send! AND receive...

LCR said...

WOW this is so much beautiful mail!! i'd say your dreams of piles of it came true lately:) are you exchanging with friends from blogland? and tell me more about this penpal exchange... cuz i wanna do it too! can we be penpals? hehe. All of it looks so artsy and fun:)

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

aww that is so sweet you do heaps of swaps!! Your mail is all so beautiful x

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh I love all your mail!! I am soooo behind I dont know if I will ever be able to catch up. Glad you got my letter and you like the earrings :-)

Rhianne said...

your posts always make me wish that I didn't suck at sending post out... such a wonderful collection!

Lisa said...

Beautiful mail I love pretty paper x

Sandy a la Mode said...

wow that's a lot of mail! how fun! i love getting mail too! it's like a pleasant surprise when i get home from work!!

Overthinking Mama said...

this makes me want make my letters to my pen pal cuter... and get more pen pals.. i want more mail! lol.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

This post reminds me of that stack of magazines that have been waiting patiently for me to read them! Haha!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Everything looks so beautiful and special! :)

Caro said...

With our post Canada strike going on, I am getting a little jealous of all your mail!

Micaela said...

aren't letters the best?! they make me so happy too :) yours are def. some of my faves!!! xoxo

k said...

there should be a mail or card scrapbook, you know?????

~April~ said...

Yay! I love mail posts! :) That ballerina postcard is gorgeous!!

Hope you're having a great week!

OneCraftyFox said...

I totally laughed that you dreamed at mail... but I was somehow not surprised. lol

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh pretty letters! I love getting mail too and I seriously love just buying cute stationary! I bet it was exciting to get all of those in the mail! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Ashley Sloan

:: Lavender's Green :: said...

*sigh* I love mail. I wish I could be paid to be a professional pen pal!

x Jasmine