Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Wedding...finally....part 1

Hello my lovelies! We finally have our Internet connected! I'm sorry I've been gone for so long and haven't been able to catch up with your blogs but hopefully I will be able to now.

Well we have our professional photos back and I will have to share them with you. And some details. I hope you still want to read about everything :)

These photos are all taken by Sharon Pappas our photographer. This will be photo overload. This is part 1.

The fragrance Ralph Lauren Romance was the first perfume Jason ever bought for me.

My beautiful dress. This was the first dress I loved in a magazine and knew I wanted this one.

Our beautiful bouquets. They were put together by Green and Bloom. Roberta is my sis in law's neighbour. By the way I'm in her gallery on the website.

We were so laid back getting ready. We had on some Michael Buble and fashion TV in the background. I went around and used Laura's camera taking photos of everything.

It was hard not to laugh while getting into my dress. I was falling all over the place.

There were so many buttons.

I love my beautiful brides maids. They are the best! And I had gorgeous long stemmed roses.

These were our ceremony programs.

Our wedding rings, though this isn't Jason holding them.

This was for communion for us to share.

Jason and his groomsmen. From left to right his best man and friend Sivvy, his brother Brodie, his step brother Jason (I know it's so weird), Jason, my brother Alvin and my brother Rolf.

This was for the Filipino wedding tradition of cord, veil and candle (not showing).

My nephews with their Nana.

My mum's wrist corsage.

Me and dad.

Jason waiting. I really love this photo.
His first reaction!

Isaiah with the ring bowl and Caeleb with the bible.

Both my parents walked me down the aisle. I thought it would be really special for both of them to be involved with giving me away.

I thought I would end it here and add more photos next post. It was the most beautiful and special day. And I can't even begin to express how happy I am now. Tomorrow is our first month anniversary lol and I'm so glad that I'm finally married!

P.S. I will definitely be visiting your blogs again :)


_ffyona said...

Glad to have you back! You looked absolutely gorgeous and in bliss Gracie. I love your gown and those gorgeous long stemmed roses! Can't believe how times flies, it's already a month, married woman! ;)

Sirpa said...

So lovely photos! Your happiness can be seen in all of them! Thank yo so much for sharing these!

Karen said...

Your wedding looked beautiful. You looked beautiful. :)

thegirlhassparke said...

Hi Gracie, it was so good to hear from you!
Your wedding looked gorgeous and you made such a beautiful bride.
So glad to finally see the photos it looked like it all came together really well.I love the photo when Jason first sees you.
Looking forward to the next installment.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh so pretty. I think I told you before but your hair was just so gorgeous! I love it! And the flowers are beautiful. What great shots...the first one of the word "LOVE" is so great. Cannot wait to see more! Funny cuz tonight I was at my fitting and my seamstress told me not to put my shoes on before I get into the dress because I will fall over :)

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Congratulations and welcome back! What a beautiful wedding you had. Your photos are fabulous. I especially love the one of you getting out of the car! I have one just like it from my wedding... such an exciting moment, arriving at the ceremony, your entire life right before you. Wow!

Alyssa said...

absolutely beautiful wedding pictures! your dress is just stunning :) x

julialow said...

Welcome back, darling Gracie! I ooooh-ed and aaahhh-ed throughout this entire post, because everything was just stunning! I really, really loved the colour of the bouquets, both yours and the bridesmaids. And that photo of Jason while waiting is truly a very good shot. I loved that the photographer also managed to capture his first reaction!

Gracie, I can't stop saying it: you are absolutely beautiful! Inside and out. You are very much loved!


p/s: I, too, have something to send off to you!

NeverEverEmma said...

Wow, Gracie, what a gorgeous day. You look absolutely stunning - I love the shot of you getting out of the car with your shoes showing.

Aaaaages ago I asked you where you got the bridesmaid dresses, and I went looking for something similar - well, they look just fab. So lovely.

Cassie said...

Gracie you really looked stunning, you gorgeous lady. And wow, your parents look so very proud of you. It really looks like a truly magical day.

paula said...

Oh my, you are stunning! It all looks so beautiful. Jason's first look is priceless, so much love!

Kristen said...

Gracie... I don't even know what to say. You were breathtaking. Your hair, your makeup, your dress... everything. Perfect. Simply perfect.
And your maids' dresses turned out indredible!! I love the picture of them all with you, because everyone is smiling and one maid looks like shes admiring you, and telling you a secret... I just love it.
And the picture of Jason's reaction is amazing. My favorite part of weddings is just that very moment. I never watch the bride when they open the doors or she starts down the aisle... I am also locked on the groom- waiting to see his breath catch, or his smile get a little bit bigger... or sometimes even a tear creep down his face. To actually SEE love like that is magical.

I cannot wait to see more!!!!
And welcome back- missed you!!

Shannon said...

awww I LOOOOOOOVE these! You looked amazing and the pictures turned out fantastic! What a beautiful day you had. Can't wait to see more. I'm so happy for you!!

Caro said...

Wow I am just blown away.
It is exactly how I pictured you.
And man he was s handsome!
I cant wait to see more :)

Lisa said...

wow you look stunning, your dress and hair are gorgeous.

Your parents look great too, you look so pretty and you look like your mum she looks lovely! xx

Lcve the photos of Jason too he looks so handsome

Emily said...

Aw these pictures are amazing! :) B E A U T I F U L. Such a cute blog too.

littletiara said...

I love every pictures! I love your dress, your make up, your long stalk roses, your bridesmaids, buton top of all, I LOVE love love his first reaction! Priceless! ♥

I'm so happy for you and I can't believe it's almost (or already?) a month! :D

alli/hooray said...

Everything looks so beautiful. And congrats to you on one month already...isn't it fun?

Caroline said...

So beautiful!!!! Weddings are such an amazing thing!! I love all the photos and can't wait for part two. Just looking at these makes me think about my wedding in Sept 08.... CONGRATS and happy to have you back on here!! xo

OneCraftyFox said...

Oh wow! You are S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. !! Congrats :)

Andhari said...

Gracieee, speaking of my eyes feeling warm right now :)look at you! you looklike a princess, very pretty princess. I can tell that you ( and your now hubby and your bridesmaids + families ) are really happy too :)

FEDERICA said...

How exciting! You look gorgeous! Love your dress!! Everything looks amazing!

Sierra said...

Congratulations and thanks for giving us a peek of your photos! Your dress is gorgeous and so glad you enjoyed your big day!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Such a fabulous recap. Thanks so much for sharing. Everything turned out just perfect!

Micaela said...

those shoes, the sentiment behind the perfume... the way the dress fits perfectly on your form, the veil, your dad's filipino celebration sarongs (i forget what they're officially called at the moment)... oh Gracie, everything turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! i love your programs. please tell me details when you can, i'd love to do something like that at my upcoming wedding :)

and his first reaction photograph? PRICELESS.

tinypaperheart said...

love all the beautiful details. :)

Sara said...

you made such a beautiful bride!!! You are beautiful Gracie!

nicole mountz said...

gracie! how incredibly gorgeous are those pictures. you were beyond stunning and i love his reaction when he first saw you:) im so happy you had a great day and im glad you're back to blogging. love u!

Honey Bee said...

Aaaaah, you're back!!! :D
Congratulations on your wedding, darling!
I love love love the dress and you look absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous! :)

missy. said...

oh gracie these pictures are BEAUTIFUL. i love them.

you look positively gorgeous.

Belen said...

Aw, yayyy! You look beautiful! (OF COURSE!)

And I LOVE that the little boys are wearing barongs!!!!! ♥ Gotta keep the Filipino stuff in there too. Hehe.